Caitlyn Jenner Tried To Set Kendall Jenner Up With Jordan Spieth – Here’s Why Golfer Rejected Model

Jordan Spieth’s mother has revealed why her son decided to turn down a date from Kendall Jenner, even though Caitlyn Jenner had gone to great lengths to set the golfer up with her daughter.

Earlier this month, ESPN journalist Jason Sobel revealed that during his recent discussion with Spieth, the 21-year-old golfer revealed that Caitlyn Jenner, who at that time was still known as Bruce Jenner, tried to set up the athlete with the model.

The entire incident unfolded at a Southern California golfing event back in 2013.

Unfortunately for Kendall Jenner, it turned out that Jordan Spieth wasn’t a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because he rebuffed Bruce’s offer because he didn’t know who either of them were.

There was another reason why Jordan Spieth turned down the offer to date the renowned model. He is in a healthy relationship with his high school sweetheart and girlfriend, Annie Verret.

Meanwhile, Chris Spieth, Jordan’s mother, has now admitted that she is rather glad that her son turned down the chance to have a celebrity girlfriend, while at the same endorsing Annie as his beau.

Speaking to the New York Times, Chris Spieth explained, “Annie’s good for Jordan. He doesn’t need a celebrity girlfriend. He doesn’t want the attention.”

Jordan Spieth’s career is going from strength to strength. He is currently ranked second in the world rankings, and in 2015 he won his first major at the Masters. He recorded a hugely impressive – 18 to win the $1.8 million prize, and in the process he became the second youngest person to win the Masters.

It’s currently not known if Kendall Jenner is actually dating someone. Over the last few weeks she has been linked to Lewis Hamilton and Justin Bieber.

[Photos by Ian Gavan/Getty Images & Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]