Finding Carter's Ben

‘Finding Carter’ Spoilers: Answers About Ben And Elizabeth’s Reaction

Finding Carter is now on hiatus – the Season 2 summer finale ended with a big shocker – and fans are left wondering what this means for the show when it returns. (MTV ordered 12 more episodes for the season.)

The Finding Carter summer finale was nearly all about Lori’s trial, with the rest of the time dedicated to Gabe dealing with his father’s death, Bird’s parents’ return (leading to Max moving out and Madison deciding to return home), and Max and Taylor moving forward after he slept with Carter.

During the trial, Carter took the stand, and Lori’s lawyer questioned her until it led to her saying that Lori was her mother for the years she was with her and she still loved her. Carter was worried about what that admission could mean, but the focus quickly turned to a witness that, previously, no one had been able to find: Ben, who turned out to be Lori’s biological son … and David’s. Yes, Ben is Lori Stevens and David Wilson’s son.

Is this just another secret that David has been keeping? His reaction in the courtroom in the Finding Carter Season 2 summer finale said otherwise, and based on what Kathryn Prescott told Zap2it, he didn’t know about Ben.

“The biggest shock is that he says David is his father. That’s the ‘Oh my God’ thing. It has to be true that David doesn’t know. After all of this crap that David has kept, after all the secrets and lies, if he has a child that he didn’t tell them about that’s it for his marriage. That’s it for some of his kids. That’s a big deal.”

Prescott added that Carter will “recognize that [Ben’s] been through the same things that she has, mainly, Lori,” so it should be interesting to see how those two interact now that she knows who he is and he’s not just someone she briefly spoke to outside the courtroom.

Furthermore, executive producer Emily Whitesell told TVLine that questions about Ben and his parentage will be answered “very early on in the next sequence of episodes.”

“He didn’t know. He was subpoenad. They’d been looking for him for a very long time, and Lori will claim she’d been looking for him for years, so he’ll have his own resentments about everything.”

Fortunately, Whitesell also shared that while Elizabeth will be “resentful of certain things,” they’re done playing “How could you have done this?” because “we’ve seen all that before.”

Finding Carter will be back for more on MTV this October.

[Image via MTV]