‘Born Without Limbs’: TLC Follows Evangelist, Swimmer Nick Vujicic And Family In TV Special Tonight

TLC presents Born Without Limbs, a one-hour tv special tonight about evangelist Nick Vujicic, a man with no arms and no legs. The The TLC special will show viewers how Nick and his family live a happy life from day to day, despite his physical limitations.

Born in Australia, Nick Vujicic knew that he was born without limbs, but the only thing he desired was to be able to do what everyone else is able to do. Diving and swimming is one of the many activities that he enjoys — and he’s darn good at it. As he grew older, the one thing that he wanted more than anything else was a nice woman in his life. His prayers were answered when he met a woman named Kanae Miyahara, who says that she was tired of men who were physically perfect but lacked everything else that she needed. She found the things she wanted and needed in Nick Vujicic, who describes himself as Prince Charming with a “few bits and pieces missing.” Nick and Kanae are now married, with a son named Kiyoshi.

According to People Magazine, he was born without limbs due to a “rare congenital condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome.” Nick Vujicic says that doctors are unsure why it happens. Genetics Home Reference, an informational website about genetics and rare diseases, defines Tetra-Amelia-Syndrome as follows.

“A very rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. (‘Tetra’ is the Greek word for ‘four,’ and ‘amelia’ refers to the failure of an arm or leg to develop before birth.) This syndrome can also cause severe malformations of other parts of the body, including the face and head, heart, nervous system, skeleton, and genitalia.”

The website goes on to say that most babies that are born with this condition die at birth or shortly after due to the many health complications related to the disease. Only a few families worldwide are living with the disease.

Nick Vujicic recognizes that he is lucky to be alive, and you won’t hear him complaining about not having arms or legs. Instead, he spends his time helping others live a good life. His ministry, “Life Without Limbs,” allows him to speak to people all over the world about what it is like to live without limbs and how this fuels him with the desire to live life to the fullest. Inspirational passages from the Bible help him to be upbuilding and encouraging at all times.

Tune in to Born Without Limbs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. Below you’ll find the trailer and the tease.

“Despite his differences, Nick is always ready to take on the world.”

[Photo Credit: Facebook]