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Usher Dead? No, Just At Disneyland


According to some reports, Usher died in a car crash today. According to the photos, the R&B singer was enjoying his weekend at Disneyland.

The Global Associated News, which has been responsible for the false death reports of Reba McEntire, Jon Bon Jovi, and several others, said that “Usher died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the vehicle accident and was identified by photo ID found on his body.”

Fortunately, the rumor which is currently circulating on Twitter, is false.

Usher did not die in a car crash this weekend. The singer did, however, enjoy a trip to Disneyland with his boys, Naviyd and Cinco. Usher, who is best known for his dance moves, put his microphone down this weekend and threw on a snakeskin tee to enjoy a sunny day at Disney.

GossipOnThis reports that the little boys also showed off some style. Five-year-old Cinco (aka Usher Raymond V) wore some stars & stripes Jeffery Campbell Adidas sneakers with a grey jumper and a gold chain and 4-year-old Naviyd wore leopard Jeffery Campbell Adidas sneakers and a blue tee.

usher disneyland

You can see more photos of Usher’s trip to Disneyland at the Global Grind.

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44 Responses to “Usher Dead? No, Just At Disneyland”

  1. LaTasha Spirituallygorgeous Nzerue

    that was a stupid ignorant comment to someones death thats like someone saying they hope YOUR kids were in the car with them as well THINK before you comment words are powerful

  2. Brianna Lovable Leathers

    People And their rumors *shaking my head*.

  3. Marcus Muzik-fanactic Gibbs

    that's crazy when people be saying that tooo unexpectedly……….but so glad its not true…..smh…

  4. JoAnn Edenburn

    glad hes not dead, and glad they took the kids to Disneyworld.

  5. Si Victoria

    that's not cool. That's such a hurtful n nasty rumor. People need to shut their mouth til they kno ALL the facts and actually people don't need to know NO facts cause what Usher doing is HIS business not everyone elses. People just mind your business/ the world would be a better place. 😛

  6. Jason Cranford

    I believe celebrities startthese rumors because their star is starting to fade and its a way to get them back in the news. OMG I'm glad Usher isn't dead. That reminds me, I want to listen to all his songs, lol.

  7. Cecile Noel

    I was cry is no a pleassant joke, is not funny at all, then why those play with the death of my boo don't they play with their death, then my boo, it's not funny, stop to against god, my boo wasn't play no movie, them, how there the website full with my boo death, you try to kill my boo real, my boo need higher security, car check, plane, food check before eating, no bias no bull.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh thank god. I heard this and my heart dropped, stupid rumor.

  9. Mayaz Uche Ben

    why carries fake news and rumor, Thank God is not true.

  10. Brittany Webb

    Really screwd up how people can make up some complete bullshit about someone to start some shit and make a sale all to get beat in the end by the truth

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