Maroon 5: Which Member Has Their Mansion On The Market, And Was Previously Arrested For Shoplifting?

Maroon 5 has seen so much success in recent years that it’s no surprise their members live in mansions. As Maroon 5’s Adam Levine said recently, even he is constantly in shock by his long-term success, and that of Maroon 5.

The spotlight now falls on fellow Maroon 5 member Mickey Madden. Back in 2005, Mickey Madden purchased a property known as the Moore House for $2 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Today, it has been revealed that the 36-year-old bassist for Maroon 5 has put his property on the market for just under $3 million ($2.995 million, to be exact).

Designed by architect Craig Ellwood in 1964, the mansion has been written about in several architectural books, due to Craig Ellwood’s work on the Arts & Architecture Case Study House program. The home was designed under the Modernist philosophy, which aims to blend indoor and outdoor living.

The listing and subsequent sale of the mansion is under the care of real estate agent Aaron Kirman, of John Aaroe Group, who commented on the Maroon 5 mansion’s architectural design.

“The Moore House is an especially important example of Ellwood’s work.”

At just over 1,700 square feet on a property measuring one third of an acre, the mansion is on the relatively small side (as far as mansions go), and is rectangular in shape with an open plan living and dining area in the centre of the residence, with the master bedroom and master bathroom on one side, and the kitchen, two additional bedrooms, and one additional bathroom on the other.

The outdoor areas have been designed to encourage outdoor living, complete with various seating areas and other alfresco dining solutions.

Back in 2005, the same year that Maroon 5 member Mickey Madden purchased his mansion, he also interviewed with College Candy, providing answers to their “5 Questions We Ask Everyone,” as well as some additional questions just for him.

His answer to their standard question of “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” was vague and noncommittal.

“Looking back on my predictions from 2010 and laughing.”

At this stage, he is only halfway through that ten year period and has already netted an additional $1 million in income, assuming his mansion sells for the asking price, of course. No wonder he had plans to look back on his predictions with laughter!

Interestingly, that same interview with College Candy revealed that Mickey Madden has a bad boy past, including an arrest and mysterious “legal consequences.”

“When I was 20 I was arrested for stealing furniture from the foyer at a UCLA extension classroom. There were some appropriate legal consequences for that.”

At least he is honest about his former misdemeanours which, let’s face it, are still pretty tame considering they took place while he was taking extension courses at UCLA at the time.

[Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images]