Why Taylor Swift Is Actually Super Stoked About Madonna's new "Bad Blood"-esque Video

Why Taylor Swift Is Actually Super Stoked About Madonna’s New ‘Bad Blood’-Esque Video

Taylor Swift’s new hit, “Bad Blood,” purportedly a shot at her latest rival and romantic competitor, Katy Perry, seems to have be making a lot of waves lately. The video for “Bad Blood,” which Hollywood Life notes is chock full of celebrity cameos, is now being imitated by the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. According to the site, Madonna recruited stars like Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj for the premiere of her video for “B**ch I’m Madonna.” Whether the video was just inspired by Swift’s or meant purely as troll fodder, Taylor’s not even mad about it, even though some saw it as a shot at “Bad Blood.”

But there doesn’t appear to be any “Bad Blood” between Madonna and Taylor. According to Billboard.com, Madonna actually complimented Taylor, calling her a “princess of pop” and adding that she thinks Taylor “writes some really catchy pop songs.” Still, the nickname implies that Madonna is and will always be Queen of Pop. After all, nearly every modern female artist from Rihanna to Kylie Minogue has at least a hint of Madonna’s influence, some more so than others. USA Today noted a few other ways Madonna imitated Swift’s original concept for “Bad Blood.”

“We can’t help but notice that the poster is red, black and white — a very Bad Blood-esque color scheme. And, it features Taylor’s archrival [Katy] Perry, the woman who allegedly inspired Bad Blood herself.”

Supposedly, Swift and Katy Perry have been fighting over the past relationships both of them had with singer John Mayer, as well as over a scandal involving the hiring of one another’s backup dancers. Taylor supposedly used the words in “Bad Blood,” which sports lyrics like “Take a look what you’ve done… now we’ve got problems…” and “we used to have mad love,” to insult Katy.

Meanwhile, Madonna’s supposedly insulting Taylor insulting Katy (hopefully we got that right), but can it really be considered shade if Taylor’s not offended? On the contrary, Taylor is actually pretty flattered that Madonna chose to imitate her. A source told Hollywood Life that Madonna is an “idol” to Taylor, and it’s like a dream come true for Swift to see her work inspire someone she thinks is “beyond amazing.” Apparently, Taylor Swift is now best friends with the group of celebrities she put together for “Bad Blood,” and goes everywhere with them. While Madonna’s copy-cat vid is a bit too raunchy to show here, Taylor Swift’s video keeps things wholesome and feels kind of like a superhero action movie trailer.

The video features rapper Kendrick Lamar and shows Selena Gomez as a Katy Perry look-alike shoving Taylor out a window. Swift has been doing quite well for herself ever since she made the switch over from country to pop (and even before that). As Billboard mentioned, the video for “Bad Blood” was premiered at this year’s Billboard Music Awards (where better to find a good audience?).

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