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Jim Belushi Busted With Marijuana At Martha’s Vineyard Airport

Jim Belushi Busted With Pot

If you plan on flying into Martha’s Vineyard, a rather upper-class location in the United States, you probably shouldn’t casually place a marijuana cigarette in your pocket while walking through airport security. Unfortunately that’s exactly what actor Jim Belushi did this week and it led to an awkward confrontation with airport security.

Belushi was confronted by security personnel in the form of local police officers when pot was discovered on his person at which point Jim brandished a California medical marijuana card. That card of course is only good in California and held no weight at Martha’s Vineyard.

Luckily for jim Massachusetts has decriminalized marijuana which meant his pot was confiscated but Jim Belushi was able to walk away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Poor guy lost his pot though.

I can’t say I’m really surprised to see a Belushi with drugs, it was illegal substances that killed his brother John Belushi in 1982 but I am a bit surprised that Jim Belushi actually thought the old California medical marijuana card trick would work on Massachusetts police.

Jim’s people were not returning calls t this time. Probably because they were all sitting around getting stoned at the airport.

[via TMZ]

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3 Responses to “Jim Belushi Busted With Marijuana At Martha’s Vineyard Airport”

  1. Jillian Galloway

    Why can't we just regulate cannabis like alcohol and tobacco? Those industries seem to do just fine and cannabis isn't too dissimilar from tobacco, except in that it doesn't kill people or cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, emphysema, or any other significant health issue, and its addiction potential is about on par with coffee. In fact, when it comes down to pure safety cannabis is safer than coffee!

    So why do the legislators who currently make up the federal government keep cannabis illegal when people could use it as a substitute for alcohol which would do a lot to improve their health and our safety?

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