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Publicity stunt or attack: journalist headslams Lalaine


Actress Lalaine Ann Vergara-Paras (usually known simply as Lalaine), best known for playing Miley’s best friend on Hannah Montana is currently touring to promote her new film Royal Kill. Part of these tours is fronting up to the press to talk about the movie and answer questions, so nothing out of the ordinary so far.

But one stop in India had quite a difference: she was attacked by a journalist who was ranting about the way she was dressed.

I’ve viewed the following video a couple of times, and it’s difficult to tell whether it’s a fake or not. The commenters are split as well. Either way, enjoy Lalaine getting headslammed by a journalist:

Cute Actress Gets Head Slammed – Watch more Funny Videos

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8 Responses to “Publicity stunt or attack: journalist headslams Lalaine”

  1. Jeses

    You idiot, Lalaine was sitting at the table. She is not blonde

  2. You

    And the movie is “Royal Kill”. Inquisitr: Where Fact Checking Always Takes a Back Seat To Provocative Video.

  3. Duncan Riley

    the caption at the end of the video says it's her, as did a number of other places referencing it. The footage is a bit grainy, but the face looks right. + I take it you've seen a product called “hair dye” before :-)

  4. Whazzaa

    On youtube you can fin the full video, Indiereporter made it.
    You will clearly see its not lalaine.

  5. jon

    Also – Lalaine does not play Hannah Montana's best friend. That's Emily Osment. Lalaine was on Lizzie McGuire.

  6. Raby

    That's not Lalaine. Lalaine was sitting on the table. Jesus people, get your facts right.

  7. TruthProtector

    Lalaine was Lizzie's best friend MIranda on the Lizzie McGuire show, and has never been on Hannah Montana. Also it was NOT her that got attacked in that video as she is sitting on the other side of the table. Try doing a little research so you won't put out all this false information.

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