Julian Lennon Doesn’t Like Biopics About His Father

Julian Lennon made his return to the music industry late last year with the launch of a new album, Everything Changes, the first album in 20 years from the son of Beatles superstar John Lennon.

Lennon may have taken an extended leave from producing music, but he still kept busy–he dabbled in cooking, sailing, Internet businesses and even photography. In an interview with Britain’s Metro newspaper, Lennon explains why he decided to dive back into the industry after so long.

“This time ’round, I’m trying to do it my way. For me to be happy in the business means I have to do it myself,” Lennon told Metro. I’ve only released it in Britain. For the rest of the world, I’m thinking of just marketing it online and releasing when I want to.

“It also means I can stay at home as much as I want,” Lennon added. “I’ve got my recording studio at home. Maybe it’s my age – I’m getting stuck in my ways but don’t feel the need to prove myself to everyone.”

In the interview, Lennon also touched on his impressions of biopics highlighting the life and career of his father, John. He candidly told the newspaper that he doesn’t watch them at all, largely to avoid becoming upset at “misinformation” about John’s life.

“I don’t watch them. I know him from when I was with him and from being with Sean and Yoko, so it’s redundant for me to see a film only to get upset at the misinformation in there. Another annoyance is seeing statues in honour of my dad, which is a nice sentiment but sometimes they don’t look anything like him. Some of them are monstrous. Just because it’s of a man with long hair, round glasses and a beard doesn’t mean they look like him.

Source: Metro