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Ben Moon & Denali: Man Posts Tribute To Late Dog, Denali [Video]

Ben Moon and his dog, Denali, were the best of friends.

According to Mail Online, Moon, a photographer, got his pup from a pound back in 1999. The two spent endless amounts of time together for the 14 years that followed, until Denali passed away in January, 2014. Moon since decided to put together a video compilation of the wonderful memories that he shared with his dog, and the video has gone viral.

“Moon recalls his time with Denali from the dog’s points of view, detailing how his pet was there for him when he was diagnosed with Stage Three colorectal cancer in 2004 and lost his insurance,” reports Mail Online.

Ben Moon and Denali — a pitbull-husky mix — lived a “nomadic” lifestyle together. They traveled, camped, took road trips, and enjoyed the great outdoors as a team. As you can imagine, losing Denali was totally heartbreaking for Moon.

The video that he created is sure to move you to tears.

“I’m pretty sure Ben knows I’m dying. I’m not sure if it’s the cancer of something else, but he’s been taking me to all the places we used to go to and checking on me a lot. The other day, he asked me to let him know when I was ready to go. He said he didn’t want me to suffer,” Moon says, narrating as Denali.

According to the New York Daily News, the 7-minute long video shows the relationship between man and dog, but it’s much deeper than that. The relationship that Moon and Denali had was so incredibly special.

“I asked Denali to please stick around for a month. He did that almost to the hour. I’ve lost friends, and it’s been really hard, but when I lost Denali, I cried for a month and a half straight,” Moon told the New York Daily News.

Ben Moon’s video about Denali is just the latest “man’s best friend” story to go viral. Back in 2012, a man named John Unger and his dog, Schoep, made headlines. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Unger used to take his pup for swims in Lake Superior to ease his arthritis pain.

“John Unger adopted Schoep when the the shepherd mix was just a tiny bundle of fur. The pair of life-long companions go to Lake Superior most evenings so Schoep can have the chance to rest free from arthritis pain. Schoep has difficulty sleeping, so John Unger and his best pal routinely travel to nearby Lake Superior to get in the water together. The movement of the water soothes the the sweet old dog, lulling him to sleep,” reported the Inquisitr.

You can read more about their moving relationship here.

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