Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner’s Outing Puts Break Up Rumors To Rest

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s ten year marriage hasn’t been without bumps. In fact, Affleck highlighted that during his Oscar speech for Argo. At the time, Affleck said that marriage is hard work. The sentiment riled up tabloids, and their relationship became the center of so much gossip that the two mocked it during Ben’s SNL hosting duties.

Two years and some change later, and Ben and Jen are once again in the middle of break up rumors. That said, a recent outing puts all of the rumors to rest.

According to People magazine, over the weekend the couple were out and about, spending some quality time with their children. It was a family outing and according to the publication, the Afflecks spoiled their kids with toys.

That’s not all. On Tuesday, Garner acted as host for a end-of-school party which took place at the house as she gathered 9-year-old Violet and her school friends and their parents for a fun filled celebration.

According to a source close to the couple, “Jen decorated with balloons and set up a party in the backyard. Violet’s friends’ moms were invited, too.”

Following the party, both Affleck and Garner went to Violet’s school and picked up their middle child, Seraphina, 6, for some toy shopping at Toy Crazy. While in the store the couple bought a ton of art supplies, games, and a sticker book.

As stated, this isn’t the only appearance the couple has made since dealing with break up rumors. Just the other week, the two were spotted walking around their neighborhood in Brentwood.

Rumors originally started when it was said that the couple were not spending time together. Sources claimed that Garner was planning on filing for divorce, and even went as far as to consult a lawyer. It was stated that the couple were waiting to announce their separation for their tenth anniversary on June 29. Also, the timing would also be far away from Ben’s promo schedule for Batman v Superman, so he wouldn’t have to deal with pesky questions about his personal life.

That said, the reason why they haven’t been spotted out and about is because both Garner and Affleck are filming separate projects, which is a rarity for the couple. Affleck has been filming Suicide Squad as Batman, and Garner has been traveling from Montreal as she’s filming the comedy Nine Lives.

[Photo by Christopher Polk / Getty Images]