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95-Year-Old Man Arrested For Killing 88-Year-Old With Zimmer Frame In Old Age Home

A 95-old-man has been arrested for allegedly killing an 88-year-old fellow resident at an old age home in Sangüesa in Navarre, Spain. He is said to have hit the victim over the head with his Zimmer walking frame.

The unnamed man, dubbed the “Zimmer killer” by the Local, apparently entered the room of the victim in the old age home and attacked him while he was in bed with his walking frame. The 88-year-old resident of the old age home has since died.

According to the Spanish language news service, EiTB, the incident apparently occurred on Saturday at around 11 p.m. and police were called to the old age home in Sangüesa, where an elderly resident had been assaulted.

On arrival, police found the old age home health center staff attending to the 88-year-old resident, named as R.J.B. As they were concerned about the victim’s condition, he was then to be transferred to the hospital complex in Pamplona. However, the elderly man passed away from his injuries shortly after arrival at the hospital.

According to a spokesman for the regional government, provincial police then arrested the 95-year-old suspected attacker at the old age home. Two witnesses had apparently seen him use his metal walking frame in the attack on the victim, striking him in the head, but so far, it is unknown why he did this.

“The motive is not known.”

In the meantime, provincial police are investigating the case, and the elderly gentleman is languishing in jail.

It seems you just can’t keep these old guys down, as the Inquisitr recently reported the story of an 82-year-old man who slashed the tires of an elderly woman’s car over a stolen bingo seat. It seems he takes his bingo very seriously, indeed.

There was also the sad tale of the 91-year-old lady who was fined $148 because her neighbor complained her rocking chair made too much noise. Luckily, in that case, the fine was eventually dropped by authorities, so the story had a happier ending.

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