Bacon-Scented Lottery Tickets: Get Your Chance To Bring Home The Bacon

Bacon-Scented Lottery Tickets: Get Your Chance To Bring Home The Bacon

Bacon is irresistible to some individuals. Even just the scent of the meat product is enough to send some people into a frenzy. If you love bacon and can’t get enough of it, here’s your chance to bring home the bacon – literally.

The Hoosier Lottery in Indianapolis, Indiana, is introducing bacon-scented lottery tickets that you can purchase for $2 each, Wane reports. The news came out on Tuesday, saying that hopeful lottery winners for the “Bringing Home the Bacon” lottery game can get their tickets at 4,400 Hoosier Lottery retailers. What’s the price, you may ask? Winners can get cash prizes amounting up to $10,000. But that’s not all — what’s the use of purchasing a bacon-scented lottery ticket if you won’t get bacon? Five lucky individuals also win a legendary 20-year supply of bacon!

If you fear that you’ll get sick of bacon soon upon winning the prize (you probably won’t), don’t fret. The 20-year supply, which amounts to $5,000 worth of bacon, will be paid in installments.

Bringing Home The Bacon Hoosier Lottery

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a bacon-scented lottery ticket. Back in January, Time reported about bacon-scented lottery tickets released by the New Hampshire state lottery. The scratch-n-sniff bacon tickets were sold at $1 each, and cash prizes amounted to $1,000. The lottery game was promoted by bacon trucks visiting different locations and offering apple-smoked bacon goodness.

The Hoosier Lottery bacon-scented game is done in partnership with Indiana Pork. Indiana Pork is a non-profit establishment in support of 3,000 pork farmers and families. An event called Sizzling Day of Bacon is also scheduled to take place on June 28, in Schererville. If you are thinking of attending the event, you will be entertained by the musical duo The Bacon Brothers, consisting of Michael Bacon and his brother, actor Kevin Bacon.

That’s a whole lot of bacon right there, but if you still can’t get enough of bacon, tastings will also be held in June and July in different locations, including Fort Wayne and Evansville.

Meanwhile, you can check out these great bacon products, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Need dental floss after a meal? The bacon-flavored dental floss will do the trick. Is your bacon not salty enough for you? The bacon salt should cover that. And if you’re not a fan of floral or fruity scents in your car, maybe the bacon air freshener is just what you are looking for.

[Image via Philly Mag / Hoosier Lottery]