Drunk Man Created Fake Checkpoint

Fake DUI Checkpoint Set Up By Pennsylvania Man: Turns Out, He Was Drunk [Video]

One Somerset, Pennsylvania, man is facing felony charges after allegedly impersonating a state trooper and setting up a fake DUI checkpoint. According to police, 19-year-old Logan Shaulis blocked off a portion of the road with his vehicle, which was adorned with flashing blue lights. He even put down flares and sported a BB gun in an attempt to look authentic. It was a wasted effort, given the fact that he chose to identify himself as Steve Rogers — if you don’t know, that’s the true identity of Captain America.

The act didn’t last very long, since even at 4 a.m., your average driver knows when something is off. When one wary driver asked Logan Shaulis for identification, the teen revealed not a police badge… but a driver’s license. Not too surprisingly, at least one concerned driver called 911 to report the makeshift checkpoint.

A short while later, real law enforcement officials responded to the scene. In an effort to avoid serious trouble, Logan reportedly tried to hand his BB gun to one of the drivers he detained, saying, “I can’t get caught with this.”

Meanwhile, the surrounding Lincoln-Township neighborhood was awakened by the bizarre scene playing out. They were curious there were so many police present and yet no sirens. “There really was no siren,” said witness Althea Shaw. “We wondered what was going on because we had all these police cars in our front yard.”

Apparently, Logan had set up the DUI checkpoint right in front of her house.

What could possibly make the fake DUI checkpoint scenario even more strange? According to police, Logan Shaulis was believed to be intoxicated at the time. In addition to a DUI charge, Shaulis is facing 15 separate misdemeanors, including criminal coercion, unlawful restraint, and impersonating a public servant.

Somerset Borough Police Chief Randy Cox says that it’s fairly easy to tell if a DUI checkpoint is real, since as many as 18 officers are “required to be involved in a checkpoint.” That’s because the average checkpoint is typically crowded with vehicles. If a supposed checkpoint is set up in the middle of the night and only manned by a single “officer,” you’re right to be concerned.

As for Shaulis, he remained in jail on Tuesday. A preliminary hearing is scheduled June 9. There is no word if an attorney has been appointed to represent Logan.

Since multiple persons, and potential witnesses, are believed to have passed through the fake DUI checkpoint, police are asking anyone who was pulled over by Logan to contact them.

[Image Credit: Somerset Police Department]