Laura McComb Body Identified

Laura McComb Found: Texas Mom Killed By Flooding, Daughter Leighton Still Missing

The body of Texas flood victim Laura Schultz McComb has been positively identified, bringing an end to hopes that she and daughter Leighton would somehow be found together and still alive. Her husband Jonathan McComb is already reeling from the death of the couple’s six-year-old son, Andrew. With his four-year-old daughter still missing, the man is forced to confront the tragic possibility that he is the only person in his immediate family to survive the Texas floods.

As reported by People, the family of four was swept away by rising waters when the Wimberley vacation home they were occupying was dumped into the Blanco River. Jonathan McComb was eventually found alive—He was located a staggering twelve miles down river. He had obtained a broken rib and collapsed lung during the horrific incident.

The body of his young son Andrew was found last week, not far from the river. Thirty-four-year-old Laura McComb was found on Saturday. With her confirmed death, the total number of people killed by flooding in Texas rose to 31.

In the wake of the heartbreaking outcome, the Schultz family released a statement to the press.

“The outpouring of love and support for our family has been inspiring. People who don’t even know Laura, Andrew and Leighton have spent countless hours searching and praying for them.

It’s uplifting.

The kindness and hard work of volunteers allows us to take Laura and Andrew home so we can lay them to rest. We can’t thank you enough for helping us through this difficult time.”

The only other confirmed survivor from the McComb household was Maggie, the family’s golden retriever. The dog was found in a tree by rescuers and later turned over to relatives of the McComb family.

The dog, named Maggie, had a microchip that showed she belonged to the McComb family, which was visiting from Corpus Christi with two other families when the flooding struck Wimberley on Saturday.

Laura McComb was one of two bodies identified last week; also confirmed dead was 71-year-old Sue McNeil Carey. They are among eight bodies that have been recovered thus far in Hays County. As of now, all but one of the bodies have been positively identified.

Some citizens were so moved by the sad story of Laura McComb and her family, that a GoFundMe account was created. As of now, more than $24,000 has been raised.

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