Krystina Butel: Woman Gets $170,000 In Plastic Surgery To Look Like Cartoonish Caricature Of Herself

Krystina Butel: Woman Gets $170,000 In Plastic Surgery To Look Like Cartoonish Caricature Of Herself

Krystina Butel had a life-changing experience 15 years ago when she went on a vacation and had a novelty caricature drawn of herself.

Butel was just 15-years-old at the time, but made a decision that day — she would do whatever it took to look exactly like that caricature. And that is exactly what she has done, spending more than $170,000 over the course of the last decade in plastic surgery and beauty treatments all to look like the cartoon version of herself.

As Krystina explained in a 2014 interview, the caricature opened up something inside of her.

“When I saw the caricature for the first time, that was it then. I was so happy, I knew exactly what I wanted to be. I wanted to look like that cartoon.”

“I felt envious of it and I got this urgent feeling in me. I wanted to look like that right now.”

“I adored how over-the-top she looked and how done-up she was. I loved her massive boobs and tiny waist. I loved her eyes, hair and lips too.”

“I liked the whole thing. It was as if the artist had seen the potential in me, what I could be. He showed me what I could be if I pushed myself to the limit.”

Butel has now become a celebrity of sorts, with a growing following on Facebook and Twitter. This week she was introduced to an even bigger audience after she was featured in the E! show Botched, which highlights people obsessed with getting plastic surgery.Krystina Butel caricature

Krystina Butel has gotten a long list of procedures, including Botox, teeth whitening, lip injections, and makeup permanently tattooed on her face.

She has also had five breast enlargement surgeries, leaving her with a size 36K bra. But Krystina said she thinks she can still go bigger.

“I definitely want more boob jobs. I want to go as big as I can go and I haven’t got any cap on the size,” she said. “I want them to look like beach balls strapped on to my chest like they do in the picture.”

Butel admits that turning into her caricature is a never-ending quest.

“I can always rely on my caricature to show me what I need to do next,” Butel says. “I never think that I’m done for good with my plastic surgery. She shows me that there’s never enough.”

Krystina Butel admits she is already thinking about her next surgery, saying she wants to get butt implants.

[Image via Krystina Butel Facebook]