‘Homeland’ Cast Additions Top These Shocking New Spoilers

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Homeland.

As Showtime’s hit series Homeland heads into filming its fifth season, a new move brings with it four new series regulars that may change the dynamic of the Homeland cast in this upcoming season.

The first big change for Homeland is that it has moved its filming location to Germany. This isn’t the only big change either. Homeland’s move to a new location brings with it four new cast additions, according to Deadline. Topping the list of Homeland’s cast additions is Miranda Otto, who is mostly noted for her role as Eowyn in the second two films of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Also coming to Homeland in its fifth year is Sebastian Koch, a German actor most notable in the U.S. for his role as Georg Dreyman in The Lives of Others. Alexander Fehling (Inglorious Basterds) and Sarah Sokolovic (Cold Comes the Night) will also be joining the cast of Homeland in the new season.

The newly added performers will join Homeland series regulars Claire Danes, Rupert Friend, F. Murray Abraham, and Mandy Patinkin as the series begins shooting the new season in Berlin. Ms. Otto has been cast as Allison Carr, the Berlin Chief of Station, which will place her working directly under Homeland’s Saul Berenson (Patinkin). Jonas Happich, legal counsel for the Düring Foundation and Carrie’s boyfriend, will be played by Alexander Fehling. Sarah Sokolovic has been given the role of Laura Sutton, who is an American journalist brought to Berlin by her employers, the Düring Foundation.

Other than a release revealing that he has been cast as a Homeland series regular, there is no official word on what specific role Sebastian Koch will play.

Newly released plot details reveal that there will be a time jump in Homeland, with Season 5 picking up two and a half years after the events of Season 4. Carrie Mathison (Danes), still trying to deal with her guilt over her choices and experiences in the war on terror, has exiled herself and resigned her position with the U.S. government. When the fifth season of Homeland picks up, Carrie will be seen in the employ of a private security agency, where she hopes she will be able to build a more normal life for herself. Mathison’s baby daughter seen on last season of Homeland is now expected to be around 4-years-old as Season 5 of Homeland picks up, and Carrie will be involved with a new boyfriend.

In spite of all of this normalcy, Homeland spoilers reveal that leaving the C.I.A. has been easier said than done for Mathison, particularly with Saul and Quinn continually trying to draw her back into the C.I.A. and the United States’ European agendas. Setting a focus for Homeland on U.S. foreign policy and American intelligence, it’s revealed that a new Homeland villain will be revealed in a Nazi-hail family with plotlines revolving around Nazi activities and Russian espionage.

Homeland will premiere on October 5 on Showtime.

[Featured image: Claire Danes courtesy of Showtime/Homeland]