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National Cleavage Day: Wonderbra Inducts 10 Celebrities Into Cleavage Hall Of Fame

best cleavage

Since the dawn of the bikini the world has argued about the world’s best cleavage. Thankfully, Wonderbra is putting an end to the argument. The bra maker inducted 10 women into the cleavage hall of fame today in honor of National cleavage day.

Wonderbra conducted a poll involving 1000 buxom beauties. Thousands of votes were cast and now we finally know who has the best cleavage in the world. According to Wonderbra, Holly Willoughby’s breasts are the most pleasant on the planet.

Wonderbra spokesman Martina Alexander said:

“We are thrilled that British beauty Holly Willoughby fought off such strong competition to become the first celebrity to be inducted in to the Wonderbra Cleavage Hall of Fame. Wonderbra is proud to be the original cleavage creator and what better excuse for women to celebrate their curves than today, National Cleavage Day.”

The poll gives some closure to one of the world’s oldest arguments but it is hardly the final word on the matter. After all, no Christina Hendricks? The poll was based in the UK where people obviously aren’t fans of the show “Mad Men.”

The Daily Mail reports that the poll wasn’t only concerned with celebrity racks. The researchers also investigated women’s attitudes toward cleavage. According to the study, two thirds of British women are happy to show off their cleavage, saying that it makes them feel sexy and gives them more confidence.

Half of the women surveyed said that they have used their cleavage as a “secret weapon.” Some said they used their breasts to get drinks at a bar, to flirt, or to get out of a traffic ticket.

Here are the 10 women who were recently inducted into Wonderbra’s Cleavage Hall of Fame in honor of National Cleavage Day.

Holly Willoughby

holly willoughby

Scarlett Johansson

cleavage day


beyonce cleavage


national cleavage day

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Dita Von Teese

dita von teese

Katy Perry

katy perry cleavage

Brigitte Bardot

brigitte bardot

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian cleavage

Lara Stone

lara stone

What do you think of Wonderbra’s picks? Does Holly Willoughby have the world’s best cleavage? Does it matter?

If you’ve spent enough time objectifying women for the day check out Kim LaCapria’s How Far We Haven’t Come column this week, “National Cleavage Day and How Cracked Did the Best Feminist Piece This Week.”

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24 Responses to “National Cleavage Day: Wonderbra Inducts 10 Celebrities Into Cleavage Hall Of Fame”

  1. Max Hepburn

    Weapons of Mass Distraction… Happy National Cleavage Day everyone! So, what should the male counterpart Day be? Ladies, YOU KNOW have the power… over to you… 😉

  2. Max Hepburn

    Weapons of Mass Distraction: Happy National Cleavage Day everyone! So, what should the male counterpart Day be? Ladies, YOU KNOW you have the power… over to you… 😉

  3. Roland Belford

    I don't think Katy Perry will be making it into the face hall of fame anytime soon. Rhianna has awful tits too.

  4. Anonymous

    Jennifer Love Hewitt should be in there as well. Rihanna? Really? She's got the face of a pug dog and a hideous body. She must've bought her way into the running!

  5. Saoud Al Mualla

    Objefication of women. Replace the women with cows. That's really who we view women.

  6. Anonymous

    In this so-called , " Enlightened Age " why not bare these boobs. I mean, women with such great breasts die , like Liz Taylor to name one, and we never did get to save those wonderful protrusions for all posterity. Why is it any more a sin to show that part of the anatomy than to show Gable's legs and scream that they were perfect , so perfect that Lloyds of London insured them for a $ Million? Hell , when you put on a Movie in your own home today, two people , ( even of the same sex ) are in bed , Naked, before the Credits stop rolling.

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