uncle fatally shot

Uncle Fatally Shot: Jessie Williams Shot, Caitlyn Williams, 9, Found Safe After Kidnapping

Uncle fatally shot during a struggle with police, as they were trying to retrieve a missing girl on Wednesday, May 27.

On Tuesday, May 26, an Amber Alert was issued for Caitlyn Williams, a 9-year-old Benbrook girl, after she went missing last week. It was later determined that her uncle Jessie Williams had kidnapped her.

Caitlyn left her home on Friday to stay the night at a friend’s house. On Monday, her parents reported her missing after she failed to return home on Sunday. At the time, police released a statement saying the girl was believed to be in “grave or immediate danger.”

“She was supposed to return Sunday,” Benbrook police spokesman Sandy Eubanks said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “When she didn’t, they decided to wait, because the weather was bad.”

Caitlyn and Jessie were spotted twice over the weekend in Fort Worth — once at a motel and then at a hair salon. The FBI joined in the search and collected evidence at the hotel room.

Danielle James, a VIP Taxi cab driver, said he had picked up Jessie and Caitlyn just days before the Amber Alert was issued. She didn’t realize who they were until she saw her photo posted on Facebook, according to the Independent.

“When I seen his picture on Facebook, my heart dropped and my phone dropped,” she said. “Tears just came running down my face. I picked this guy up!”

Danielle said she picked up the pair at a local Wal-Mart and then drove them to the Days Inn motel in Bossier City where she dropped them off.

“Nothing seemed out of place. When you’re a cab driver, you can kind of feel a vibe or negativity. I didn’t feel none of that,” she said. “The little girl, she seemed jolly and happy and just ready to get where she going.”

On Wednesday, after authorities received tips and tracked the suspect’s cell phone and credit card purchases, Caitlyn was located at a Bossier City motel in Louisiana. During the struggle to retrieve the girl, an FBI task force officer fatally shot Jessie. The FBI officer was also shot in the leg, but is expected to make a full recovery.

[Photo via AmberAlert.com]