Birther Movement in Arizona

Arizona Republicans Trying To Push New Birther Bill

Leave it up to GOP members in Arizona to beat a dead dog to death. Lawmakers in the state on Wednesday let it be known that they want a new birther law passed that would require potential presidential candidates to swear, via affidavit, that they were born in the United States and are qualified to be President of the United States.

Once a candidate swears under oath that they are legally allowed to be President they can then be added to the states ballot voting system.

Speaking of the bill Rep. Carl Seel said:

“Our ballot, no matter what office someone is running for, should have the highest level of validity.”

Seel then added:

“That couldn’t be more American, and it couldn’t be more nonpartisan.”

Carl is getting help from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which is ironic because the Sheriff has commented in recent months that he has only been involved in the birther movement because of citizen requests, yet he seems to jump into support of the birther movement at every turn possible.

The birth bill managed to pass its committee two weeks ago but then stalled. You may recall that a similar birther bill passed last year in Arizona but was vetoed when it reached the desk of Governor Jan Brewer.

Carl Seel says the new bill addresses Brewer’s previous concerns while Sheriff Joe adds:

“It’s very controversial, but something has to be done. It’s very important to at least have some law that you have to show that you were born in the United States.”

And so the controversy continues, albeit in a much more muted fashion than when the birther movement began.