Scott Baio

Scott Baio to Star in New Nickelodeon Show, ‘Daddy’s Home’

Scott Baio is 50 and starring on Nickelodeon? The star says absolutely. Nickelodeon has ordered 20 episodes of “Daddy’s Home,” starring “Happy Days” and “Charles In Charge” actor Scott Baio as a stay-at-home dad.

Daddy’s Home is a working title and it might not stand up to the test of the networks. But for half and hour a week, Nick At Nite comedy will follow David Hobbs (Baio), an actor who leaves his job after 10 years as everyone’s favorite TV dad in order to stay home with his kids and keep the deal he made with his wife, who is also in the acting business.

Nickelodeon president Marjoie Cohn said,

“Scott not only brings his star power to this role, but a real authenticity as an actor-turned-dad. “Daddy’s Home” is a classic, multi-camera sitcom with a contemporary twist that our Nick at Nite family audience is sure to enjoy.”

Baio is returning to TV after guest-starring on “Arrested Development,”.

Baio also starred in his own set of reality TV shows. In the first Scott Baio is 45 and …single the world followed Baio as his girlfriend told him he had a few weeks to decide if he wanted to be with her or continue chasing women around Hollywood. He eventually told her he loved her and wanted to marry her and in the last episode of the season she told him she was pregnant.

The following year he was in a follow up show called Scott Baio is 46 and…Pregnant. Which followed him through his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

“Daddy’s Home” is set to start filming later this year.