Russell Wilson Contract Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Fans Want To Pay His Salary?

Russell Wilson contract rumors took an interesting turn. Now Seattle Seahawks fans want to pay Wilson’s contract, or at least a large majority of it, for the 2015 NFL season. As reported by Sports Illustrated on Monday (May 25), a GoFundMe campaign was created by Tim Pennoyer to help keep Russell Wilson as the starting quarterback of the Seahawks. The goal of the group is to raise $5 million to help make Wilson the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

It’s an interesting ploy that Pennoyer has developed here, and it shows just how much he enjoys having Wilson lead the Seahawks. He also stated that if Wilson should turn down the money that is collected, the group will donate it to The Seattle Children’s Hospital. That’s a place where Wilson and several other Seahawks players have done a lot of work while giving back to the community. It’s one of the reasons Seattle, and fans like Pennoyer, want him in town for a long while.

As of early Tuesday morning (May 26), the Keep Russell Wilson In Seattle! page has brought in $1,311 in donations. That’s nowhere close to the goal that Pennoyer has been going for, but it is a strong start when most Seahawks fans participating on the page are just donating $12 each. Most of the donations are also anonymous, but at that rate, it would mean around 100 people have already pledged funds. That has to make coach Pete Carroll pleased, especially as the contract situation for Wilson remains unsettled.

Russell Wilson’s contract has become a huge issue for the Seattle Seahawks this offseason, and after months of the NFL offseason playing out, it doesn’t seem like a deal is closer to getting done. Coach Pete Carroll and Seahawks general manager John Schneider have made a lot of comments about the negotiations, but they have yet to reveal exactly what the team is offering its star quarterback. Wilson has posted several times on Twitter where it seemed like frustrations were bubbling through, adding to the rumors that a rift had been growing.

As reported earlier on The Inquisitr, Wilson and the Seahawks appear to be millions apart in negotiating this new contract. One of the roadblocks appears to be that the Seattle Seahawks want to keep Russell Wilson at his current pay rate for the 2015 NFL season and give him a raise for the following four years. It appears that Wilson and his agent want the new contract to include a huge pay bump for 2015 as well.

[Image Source: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]