Monica Lewinsky Gives ‘Dancing Man’ Foot Massage At Anti-Cyber-Bully Party

Tides have turned for 46-year-old “Dancing Man” Sean O’Brien. A couple of months ago, the Liverpool resident was body shamed on the internet. But yesterday, O’Brien wasn’t the victim. He was the guest of honor at a party attended by a thousand people including anti-cyber bullying advocate Monica Lewinsky.

O’Brien was attacked online on the online forum 4chan. An internet user from the United Kingdom posted a snap of him dancing in a night club with the caption, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Instead of humiliating O’Brien, the photo won him the hearts of many. Several women in California headed by Cassandra Fairbanks related to O’Brien and started the #FindDancingMan campaign. Their objective was to search for the cyber bullying victim so they could “tell him that he is beautiful and we love him.”

Fairbanks’ initiative raised $40,000 to give O’Brien the night of his life. With the money, they rented out Hollywood’s Avalon nightclub and they flew in the “Dancing Man” from UK. #FindDancingMan also attracted the attention of electronica DJ Moby who offered his free services for the event.

As the party’s guest of honor, O’Brien was given the red carpet treatment and according to him, he has never danced so much in his entire life. In fact, he considered that night as “the best night” of his life.

O’Brien expressed his joy.

“So many people have given so much support, I’m humbled. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m going to grasp with both hands.”

Lewinsky, who claims to be the first victim of cyber bullying before the term even existed, spoke on stage during the party. She started off by confessing that she is a “terrible, terrible dancer” but nonetheless, she was “thrilled” to be a part of O’Brien’s special night. In her speech, she also lauded the women behind the #FindDancingMan campaign.

“Motivated by compassion and a strong sense of justice, they insisted on injecting dignity and humanity in a moment of cruelty,” she described Fairbanks and the other women involved in the initiative. She also shared about how her brother showed her an article about O’Brien. That article moved her to extend help to her fellow cyber bullying victim.

Lewinsky also treated O’Brien to a foot massage which he found to be “so thoughtful.” O’Brien then gave his opinon on Lewinsky.

“Monica Lewinsky has been brilliant… I grew up with the Lewinsky scandal and how she has coped with it all and the person she has become, it’s fantastic, so awe-inspiring and she’s so down to earth.”

[Image via YouTube]