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Pit Bull Attack Case: $100 Million ‘Symbolic’ Judgment Entered

On Tuesday, Daphne Means Curtis, a Wayne County Circuit Judge, awarded a huge $100 million civil judgment in a horrendous dog attack case. The plaintiff lost most of his left arm, his left leg below the knee, and his left ear in an attack by a pack of dogs outside a Detroit home, according to the Associated Press.

The judgment is largely symbolic, as it’s unlikely that Steve Constantine, 50, will collect anything near the awarded amount. Constantine’s attorney, Mark Bernstein, noted that the award runs deeper than money though, and stated the following, according to the Associated Press.

“It’s an enormously symbolic statement by the court that this type of conduct is unacceptable in our community. The ability to collect is largely irrelevant. We wanted a number that got people’s attention. This was a powerful, loud and clear statement. There was a sense of enough is enough.”

Constantine was at house owned by Derick Felton’s mother, Elizabeth Collins Felton, to feed Felton’s dogs that were located there in October. At that time, he was mauled by the dogs. Police rounded up at least 11 pit bulls or pit bull mixes at the time, and killed one dog at the scene. The rest were later euthanized.

Since the vicious attack that he suffered, Constantine has had 22 surgeries and is being treated in a psychiatric hospital, according to FOX Channel 6 WBRC.

Felton’s attorney admitted that the dogs the police rounded up belong to Felton, but denied that they were the dogs that attacked Constantine. A civil trial is scheduled in September, when Felton faces charges of harboring a dangerous animal that caused serious injury. Both he and his mother are named in the civil case. Bernstein said that he would seek the house owned by Elizabeth Collins Felton as part of the judgment in the civil case.

Although dog attacks are in the news and, certainly, the attack Constantine suffered was horrific, thankfully, there are other dogs of many breeds and mixes that work with people, and even protect people. In a recent case, Jamie Kraczkowski’s pit bull, named Isis, defended her against a violent physical attacked by her drunk boyfriend, Jamie Dopke. Dogs truly can be our best friend and save people in many ways. Isis literally saved Jamie. Krackzkowski said that the dog realized that she was being abused. When Krackzkowski’s head hit the wall after being attacked by Dopke, Isis grabbed his pant leg and stopped the attack. The dog’s heroic act led to a breed ban being lifted in Hazel Park, Michigan, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

Any dog breed or mix can be aggressive depending on their genetic makeup and how they are raised and treated. Unfortunately, some breeds, such as pit bulls and mixes, are often given a bad rap.

Do you believe that each dog should be looked at individually? Or do you think that any breed or mix is inherently aggressive? Please leave your comments below.

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