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Al Sharpton Leads Thousands In Trayvon Martin Rally

Trayvon Martin

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton led thousands of followers through a Florida town on Thursday as the group held a rally for Trayvon Martin. The event was originally planned to take place at a 400-seat church however the size of the event quickly overshadowed the churches size.

Speaking to the rally’s participants Sharpton said:

“We cannot allow a precedent when a man can just kill one of us and then walk out with the murder weapon.”

Sharpton stood next to Trayvon’s parents as he told the crowd:

“We don’t want good enough. We want George Zimmerman in court with handcuffs behind his back.”

Speaking just hours after his own mothers death Sharpton said, “this is where she would want me to be.”

During an impromptu moment Sharpton took up a collection for the Martin family in which he pledged $2,500 and was then joined by Greg Mathis and Michael Baisden who both offered $10,000. New York Gov. David Paterson also donated $2,000 to the family.

The speech and rally came just hours after Sanford’s police chief stepped down amid criticism of his handling of the case. Also leaving the investigation is attorney Norm Wolfinger who told the Miami Herald that he was stepping down “with the intent of toning down the rhetoric and preserving the integrity of this investigation.”

To further the cases progress and future incidents that might occur Gov. Rick Scott announced the creation of a task force to review the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

Do you think the Trayvon Martin case is a travesty that needs to be dealt with immediately?

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38 Responses to “Al Sharpton Leads Thousands In Trayvon Martin Rally”

  1. Roy Stine

    al sharpvton…ready to make a conviction in the street as ususal and is unwilling to participate in the legal process….remember tawana brawley./…brother al was nowhere to be seen when rthe true innocents were revealed…truth is brother al is off to stir up folk wwithout any facts other than the victims were black and that's all except he gets so many to follow….like lemmings off a cliff…how sad.

  2. Lauren Bloom

    I hope they arrest the man, he had no right being a watch captain in the first place! he doesn't listen, obviously since the police told him no and stop. What's next he will see a toddler with a ball and think they looks suspicious its a bomb? the guy obviously has some mental issues and he NEEDS to be dealt with.

  3. Donna Tarnef Pitzorella

    i'm white and i think george zimmerman should be behind bars,,,he had a gun and trayvon had a pack of skittles,,,and he was using racial slurs,,,,this man is a menace and should have never had a gun,,,but florida has crazy laws and this man is walking free,,,an innocent "boy" is dead,,

  4. Lynnie Marie

    I don't think it matters who was there to speak with or for them…i think what matters is that a kid, was killed for no reason..its not the fact that he was a black kid, killed by a hispanic man..its that a CHILD WAS KILLED FOR NO REASON…i think that is the point people keep forgetting.

  5. Kathy Marie Tolson Cottrell

    Al..One of us? I hope you mean ALL of us!

  6. Maurice R Mizrahi

    As a Floridian everyone needs to stop looking at this event but look to our gun laws. I know that nobody wants to hear this but there is a good chance that this injustice was committed under the law in Florida. This is what we get when we have a pandering government who only heals to the lobbyists. And folks its about to get worse – our legislature has made it legal to OPEN CARRY and stand your ground- Guns in bars, Clubs, Courthouses – This is what we get when we give Republicans all the power- Don't forget – Here and Arizona – a raise to the bottom.

  7. Jennifer Tomlinson Tucker

    this makes me so sick. that poor young man. I pray for his family!

  8. Audrey Yingling

    Zimmerman should be arrested, first degree murder! Florida laws need to be changed, I will never again go there, some nut may shoot me, as I open my candy bar!

  9. Luanna Holston

    that is what it should be, all of us no matter what race or color. But you but Al in there and he keeps up all this rascial stuff. and yes I think this man should be in jail, he took this young man life, for NO reason. we all are praying for his family. GOD BLESS THEM

  10. Donna Marie Beall Morris

    AN UNARMED CHILD WAS KILLED, and that should be the only issue of justice here. Blowhard attention grabbing Sharpton needs to keep his big fat racist trap shut, he only stirs up the hornets nests that already exists. Getting justice for a child is the only issue here.

  11. Deborah Sample

    Not make this.a race issue, what if hispanic man killed a white man for walking in there side of town, they would ne behind behind bars. One side justice

  12. Velvet Michael

    Yes this needs to be dealt with now. George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and charged. How this man can even have the gall to say he was defending himself is beyond my comprehension, when he was the pursuer and the aggressor. He was told by police not to pursue Trayvon, but he did. Trayvon's girlfriend heard Trayvon ask him, "Why are you following me?" People also heard Trayvon calling for help. Enough of this nonsense, arrest the man and try him for murder.

  13. Kandy Strong

    This Kid meant no Harm he didn't have a Weapon. This man wanted to be a Hero of his community. That's BS I don't care if he was with the neighbor hood watch or not. He should be held accountable. He shot this helpless Kid.

  14. Darlene Smith

    I could care less whether the young man was white r black. The fact remains that he was followed. Al Sharpton is not a factor. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If it was a Black man shot a white boy that would want 2 give him the lethal injection.

  15. Davis Ivan Kumar McGurn

    Also had a charge for assaulting an officer.

  16. Davis Ivan Kumar McGurn

    Al is just someone who can spread news through his connections nothing more, About the Florida Laws this does not fall under the stand your ground law this is murder plain and simple but you have some backward ass police dept who tried to cover this up and threw that law into the mix, the makers and those who passed the say that he cannot use that in this case.

  17. Davis Ivan Kumar McGurn

    Luanna Holston I agree that its shouldn't be about race or color but soo many times it is, because I have dark skin you wouldn't believe the amount of time i've gotten pull over because of the car i drive and the 1st thing i get asked is where did i get the car. I hate to see and I try hard not to see thing that but the fact of the matter is no matter how hard we as people dont want things to be that there are always going to be people who do.

  18. Melody Ezell Filby

    I signed a petition yesterday on facebook. It's to have him arrested. Type in Treyvon Martin petition. I've told my kids if somebody pulls up to you while your walking don't stop and I've preached to them not to talk to strangers since they were little. This man was told by the 911 operator not to follow him (for his own safety) yet he didn't listen, a child is gone and he's home…safe.

  19. Kathy Marie Tolson Cottrell

    My brother has adopted several dark skined children and he gets aggravated because people refer to his kids as his "grandkids". We have all got to come together and erase the rascial cards!! It has changed alot since I was a kid and if we keep fighting that card, one day it will happen!!
    No matter the color or the victim or the perp, what I have read, the guy was a wanna be cop. 911 told him not to follow and let the police take care of it, but he decided to take an innocent life!!

  20. Terry Sabo

    This is such a heart breaker. This is somthing that should have never happened! This man had made a very bad choice. Now because he made that choice he destoyed how many families! I am sure he wil be dealt with. My heart goes out to Trayvon"s family, as well as my prayers. God Bless!

  21. Guashuana Reed Gooseberry

    For all you people who are saying it does not matter that he's black you are completely wrong!! It does matter!!!! For the people who are not black your concern and support is greatly appreciated but you have no right too comment on such matters. It goes back to the old saying " You don't know unless you walk a mile in my shoes"! This wa definitely a racial hate crime and the way the justice system is handling it confirms that. George Zimmerman needs prison time point blank!! Trayvon Martin was innocent kid. Hoodies another sterotype when it comes to our black boys and men. It says thug in the eyes of peoplet over it be careful

  22. Kandy Strong

    Al Sharpton or not, there was a kid killed who wasnt armed. and they didnt charge the guy. it wasnt self defense. he didnt have to kill him.

  23. Kandy Strong

    Jay believe me I understand how u and alot of people feel about that guy. but if that were my child and he got killed like that I would want answers. and not have it swept under the rug. so I also agree with u on that to.

  24. Joyce L Thomas

    Al Sharpton is a media whore, his being there is not going to be the reason they finally arrest the murderer of Trayvon it will be done because it is the right thing to do.

  25. Sherri Henderson

    This is a travesty, it does make you think of Emmit Till. I thank Al Sharpton for his advocacy, If not him, Who? I don't see many other so called African American leaders who can bring attention to injustices like this, doing so. Keep up the great work A.S.

  26. Roy Stine

    Donna Tarnef Pitzorella u were not there….so shut up until u know the facts…not the assumptions…

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