Mother’s Day Mistake: Florida Mom Puts Forgetful Husband For Sale On Facebook

A big Mother’s Day mistake landed a forgetful Florida husband for sale on Facebook. Mom Kate Bouyea was “frustrated” when her husband didn’t even tell her “Happy Mother’s Day,” she tells Fox 6 Now.

“He didn’t say ‘happy Mother’s Day’ or say ‘thank you,’ or even have the kids make me a homemade card like he might normally do, so I was a little frustrated.”

Unfortunately for husband Chris Bouyea, Kate was in the process of selling items on Facebook for a friend in need. She thought her handy hubby may be worth some money and posted him for sale along with her other garage sale wares.

“Husband for sale, best offer. Hubby who couldn’t be bothered to wish me happy Mother’s Day or do anything special for me yesterday. One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure — has eight years of marriage mileage so somewhat broken in. Pick up in Jupiter.”

The ad quickly went viral, giving the couple a good laugh. However, even with all the exposure, the highest bid Chris brought in was $20. Kate decided to go ahead and take him off the market — for now. He is quite “handsome” and “handy,” after all. But he may not be so lucky next time.

“He is very wonderful. He’s very handsome. He’s very handy.”

Chris, who said he was “shocked” and “didn’t know what to say” when he saw the ad, was quick to offer his own list of redeeming qualities.

“I cook, I clean, I mop floors, I do dishes, I paint. I fix all the appliances in the house.”

The Jupiter dad was going to go to a very worthy cause. Kate has been selling things to raise money for her friend, Katie, who’s son was diagnosed with ALS as an infant seven months ago. The money goes toward helping them pay for his overwhelming medical bills, which have already reached over $20,000.

According to Kaden’s Cure, a site Katie created to raise awareness, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) “affects roughly 1 in 6000 and is the number one genetic killer of infants.” One in forty people unknowingly carry the disease, which “leads to muscle weakness and hinders the ability to walk, stand, eat, swallow, or even possibly breathe.”

There currently is no cure or treatment for SMA. Katie is painfully aware of this fact saying, “Without a cure, Kaden will eventually lose the abilities he has now. He has already lost the ability to kick.” More than half of babies born with the deadly disease will not see their 2nd birthday. If you wish to donate to Kaden’s care or to CureSMA on his behalf, you can do so by visiting Kaden’s Cure.

As for the Bouyeas, Chris says he’s happy his Mother’s Day punishment was born out of such a good cause, saying he was happy to help. Kate got a heartfelt apology.

“I’m sorry and happy Mother’s Day. You’re a wonderful wife and you really take care of me and the kids. Thank you.”

[Image from CNN/YouTube Screenshot]