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WWE News: Dean Ambrose Heel Turn At ‘WWE Payback’ Being Discussed By WWE Creative, Is It A Good Idea?

WWE Payback is set to take place this Sunday LIVE on the WWE Network. While the PPV is somewhat lackluster in many areas, the main event is highly anticipated by many WWE fans. Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose will all take on Seth Rollins for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Four Way match. The match is risky for the champ as he only has a 25% chance to win and doesn’t have to pinned himself to lose the title. On top of that, the match is no disqualification, so anything can happen.

This is clearly a big match, as it is the first time all three members of the former Shield team have fought against each other for a championship. Ever since Dean Ambrose was added to the main event, fans have been hope booking him to win the title. While it would be ideal for many fans to see Dean Ambrose walk out as champion, it just seems too good to be true at this point. Although, it could very well happen….especially if there is something big that WWE wants for his character.

According to Cageside Seats, there is at least some talk going on within WWE creative for Dean Ambrose to turn heel at Payback. It wouldn’t totally make sense for him to do so unless he were set to walk out with the gold. There are three babyfaces in this match, which is fine. WWE has a ton of good guys, but it seems that there are not enough bad guys. We’ve all thought for some time that Ambrose would be an amazing bad guy.

The only problem creatively is when and where to turn him.

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Ideally, turning Ambrose at Payback would work. Yet the only way to do it effectively is to have him win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It makes sense that he will attack the good guys in the match, as that is part of the match. So that type of thing won’t work. If he attacked someone after the match, that would be a way to do it. However, it wouldn’t be as effective in the long run.

While talk backstage is that the company is in need of top heels and Dean Ambrose is perfect for such a role, there is no sense in turning him randomly. The only way to do it right on Sunday would be for him to surprisingly align with The Authority and win the WWE World Title. We know it makes no sense for him to work with the man who betrayed him in Seth Rollins. So that means the golden boy in Rollins will be pushed out in favor of the Lunatic Fringe. That would be a problem, as Rollins would be too babyface from it all when he needs to remain a villain.

In the end, is it right to turn Ambrose heel if there is no championship involved? In a universe where a man gets betrayed and hates it, would he too betray someone close to him? Dean Ambrose is like The Joker from the Batman comic universe. He does everything randomly and seeks to destroy and take, but he is more about the adventure than actually gaining anything. The fun is in the destruction and getting something is sort of surprising and he wouldn’t know what to do with a prize if he actually got it. That is why he never really wanted The Batman to die, he loves the chase. So like Joker, would Ambrose do something random even if it meant there was nothing coming from it? This is possible. We will have to wait and see if he does though.

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