‘Supergirl’ Lowdown: Everything You Wanted To Know [Video]

Unlike her cousin, Supergirl seems to like the fanfare and publicity and, in that sense, she seems more like Iron Man than Superman.

“You exposed yourself. You’re out there now, Kara. Everyone will know about you and you can’t take that back,” the big sister tells Kara Danvers.

“I don’t want to,” Kara (Melissa Benoist) answers insolently.

So, now that she’s in the public eye, the world wants to know who she is and even CBS’s six-minute trailer seemed to raise more questions (and debates) than it was intended to answer. There is much to be gleaned from the Supergirl trailer than it would even seem on the surface.

First of all, Supergirl will fit right in with the other police procedural dramas filling up CBS’s usual line-up. Supergirl (aka Kara Zor-El) will divide her crime-solving time up between routine detective work and the costumed-superhero typical of her comic book origins, so Supergirl fans expecting to see Kara in a cape and tights for a full 45 minutes every week may be disappointed with the CBS adaptation of Supergirl.

Like her cousin, Kara Zor-El also adopted the surname of the family that adopted her, Danvers in this case. Supergirl’s adoptive family helped her to keep her abilities secret through most of her childhood, until that “unexpected disaster” that hints at an interesting series of flashbacks to come.

Superman may or may not make appearances in the Supergirl series, but Kara Zor-El’s Kryptonian heritage will definitely be explored throughout the series and it has already been reported that Supergirl was not totally abandoned, when she was sent here to Earth. Alura Zor-El (Laura Benanti) will be Supergirl’s Yoda, providing her with the tutelage every growing superhero needs.

Cat Grant of CatCo (Calista Flockhart) may be stern, cold, and all business, but she does make a good argument now and again.

“What do you think is so bad about girl? I’m a girl and your boss and powerful and rich and hot and smart. So, if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem you?”

Exhibiting logic like that, it seems Cat Grant may become an unwitting soundboard for Supergirl’s moral dilemmas.

Back to that police procedural thing. While Kara will be investigating crimes and catching villains in typical CBS police drama style, those villains will be anything but typical. She is, after all, Supergirl, and every superhero needs supervillains to make their existence relevant and necessary. Fans of the Supergirl comic books can look forward to seeing The Lumberjack in the first episode. Toyman and Vartox, “an alien convict, who has been in hiding and seeks a battle with Supergirl,” will also be making appearances throughout the season.

Also making Supergirl appearances in unspecified roles are Dean Cain (who played Superman in Lois & Clark) and Helen Slater, the first actress to attempt a live-action Supergirl role.

Finally, the Supergirl series will take place in the Arrow and Flash universe. Fans can expect to see crossovers between the three series, according to some reports. As such, this means Supergirl does not take place in the same universe as the DC Comics live-action films, so fans may not want to hold out for a Supergirl feature film anytime soon.

Supergirl will premiere in November on CBS.

[Featured image: Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, courtesy of CBS]