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Jon Gosselin Custody Update: Kate Gosselin’s Ex Takes Emergency Custody Of Daughter, 11

The rumors are running rampant for the troubled reality TV mom and pop of eight children. Word is Jon Gosselin demands full custody over his 11-year-old daughter, Hannah. Allegedly, her famous mom, Jon’s ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, has traumatized the preteen girl, which caused her budding DJ father to take drastic measures by calling Child Protection Services, citing an InTouch report.

It’s no secret that Jon and Kate have been at odds since their 2009 divorce. Kate’s ex-husband has been known to blast her on social media and accuse her of exploiting their eight kids. However, during a recent visit, Jon Gosselin took things to another level — and the gloves definitely came off, according to a source close to the divorcees.

“She said she didn’t want to go home to her mom [Kate] because she can’t take the cruelty anymore. Hannah was so afraid of her mom that Jon became concerned and called [Berks County, Pennsylvania] Children & Youth Services and filed a report — and he took emergency custody of Hannah.”

The insider said Jon took the young girl into his custody without a court’s order. Essentially, by taking matters into his own hands, it amounted to Kate flipping out over the brazen move.

“She showed up at Jon’s house and stood in the street screaming for Hannah to come home, but she wouldn’t leave. Then she called the cops on Jon and made claims about him.”

Allegedly, when things finally cooled down with the pair, Kate managed to get the girl back into her custody after four days of living with her father. But things far from over.

“But Jon will be filing a petition to modify custody, and if he gets it, he’ll be contacting TLC to put a stop to filming [Kate Plus 8]. Hannah doesn’t want to film, but Kate is making her and she’s not the only child who has no interest in being on the show.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time the couple has quarreled over child custodial matters. Moreover, it isn’t Jon’s first time at accusing Kate of being an abusive mother to their children. In November of last year, sources say Children & Youth Services opened up an investigation into charges from daddy Gosselin that his former wife was mentally and physically abusive to their son, Collin. In the end, investigators didn’t find any supporting evidence.

Then again in March of 2010, legal documents showed that Jon Gosselin’s ex-spouse was accused of assaulting her kids to the point of leaving visible wounds. Jon also charged that she had a practice of locking the kids in their bedrooms at night to prevent them from “using the restroom.” Although she was not formally charged, a judged admonished her about the latter charges, saying that if a fire were to break out, and “something happened, that would be considered manslaughter.”

On a lighter note, multiple sources have reported about Kate and her new millionaire boyfriend, 51-year-old Jeff Prescott. According to a previous Inquisitr report, his ex-wife, Michelle Jones, has given her blessing to the couple. Stay tuned for more on Jon Gosselin’s custody battle.

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