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‘GTA V’ Adds New Player-Created Missions To The Official Playlist, Extra Content Added On Xbox One, PS4, PC

Due to the release of online heist missions earlier this year, followed by the recent launch of the PC version of the Grand Theft Auto V, it has been quite some time since Rockstar Games announced that they have chosen a new selection of community-crafted verified jobs to be added to the title’s official playlist. Confirming the return of the Rockstar Verified missions, the developer revealed on their official Twitter account that a new set of user-created jobs has now been promoted to the official GTA V in-game playlist across all systems.

Further detailing the newly selected verified jobs that were built by fans using the in-game mission creation tools that can be found within GTA V, Rockstar Games provided information on each of the new player-built missions. The new user-generated GTA V content contains a wide sampling of mission types to give all players something new to try such as deathmatches, races, and more.

“Today, we have 10 brand new Rockstar Verified Jobs created by the Social Club community, stamped with the Rockstar seal of approval, and now live in-game for everyone to play across all five platforms – PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Among them are some of the most unique and creatively themed Deathmatches, Captures, Last Team Standings and Races in the Verified collection to date.”

Among the new Rockstar Verified jobs, Grand Theft Auto V fans will be able to try out new deathmatch-style missions in interesting new locations such as a densely wooded area in the northern part of the map or on top of three different skyscrapers that have been joined together by a series of makeshift platforms and bridges. Another notable new addition is a job that challenges two teams to steal a hearse from a funeral.

Grand Theft Auto V

In addition to the 10 new missions that are available for all platforms, Rockstar Games also chose three extra jobs specifically for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC editions of GTA V. These bonus missions will only be available on current-gen systems since the take advantage of the larger match sizes that is only possible while playing Grand Theft Auto V on the newer hardware.

“We’ve also Verified three bonus Races for PC, PS4 and Xbox One that were designed with support for larger lobbies and making use of the additional props placement that those systems make possible.”

Besides letting GTA V players build their own missions inside the game, Rockstar Games also released the Rockstar Editor alongside the title’s PC edition that allows users to create and edit their own movies. As was recently reported by the Inquisitr, the Rockstar Editor is also currently scheduled to become available for the Xbox One and PS4 later this summer.

Have you ever created your own mission in GTA V?

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