Miranda Hart's Awkward Moment With Prince Harry

British Comedienne Shares The Awkward Moment That Made Prince Harry Flee

Comedienne Miranda Hart is seemingly always awkward, but as she shared, she had a particularly awkward moment involving none other than his royal highness, Prince Harry.

According to BBC America, it’s not completely surprising, seeing as how Hart has “has parlayed her seemingly inherent awkwardness” to create a hit show. The British comedienne has her own successful show named after her called Miranda, where audiences can watch her “stumble over her words and feet,” but that’s nothing compared to what happened in real life with Harry.

Hart appeared on The Graham Norton Show to share just what happened to create an awkward moment between her and Prince Harry.

According to Hart, it all started when she appeared at the Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Hart admitted to making some “flirty” comments directed at the 30-year-old Prince during her presentation. While that was not the awkward moment in and of itself, it set Hart up for a very awkward run-in with Prince Harry shortly after.

According to BBC America, “It all started off fine and dandy, as awkward moments do, until Prince Harry fled the conversation.”

The 42-year-old Hart ran into Harry and said, “Sorry about the silly flirting jokes I did about you,” according to the Advertiser.

The prince responded sweetly, saying, “No no, that’s fine. It’s a shame there’s not music here and dancing because we could start rumors and dance.”

Hart, ever the comedienne, albeit awkward comedienne, responded to Harry, trying to make “a joke way too dryly” saying, “I can hear music.”

And then Prince Harry fled from the awkward moment.

Hart admitted, “He was being really sweet and endearing and I said, as a joke, but way too dryly so he thought I was being serious… And he just went. He was gone before I could say it was a joke.”

Hart admitted that she was “humiliated” by the awkward moment with Harry as the other Graham Norton’s other guests, Rupert Everett and Greg Davies, couldn’t help but laugh at the awkward moment.

Hart shared that all these awkward moments happen to her quite often.

Hart said, “I don’t know how to respond and it creates some awkward moments.”

And it was quite the awkward moment with Prince Harry. You can see Hart share her awkward moment with Prince Harry on the upcoming episode of The Graham Norton Show on May 16.

[Photo Courtesy of ThinkHouse Dev]