Dane Cook banned after insulting waitress at Laugh Factory

Dane Cook Banned From Laugh Factory After Insulting Yet Another Woman [Rumor]

Dane Cook has been banned from the Laugh Factory, and it may have been a long time coming.

After years of infamous stand-up at the California club, the comic has reportedly been banned for being vulgar and insulting. This should come as no surprise to regulars; Dane’s brand of comedy is known to be shocking and profanity-laced.

However, this time, it seems whatever he said wasn’t taken as a joke. According to Entertainment Tonight, which has the exclusive on the rumor, the 43-year-old comedian was vulgar and offensive toward a waitress. The Laugh Factory’s owner called him on it and a spat ensued. Dane allegedly declared “I own this place!” and was promptly told that no, in fact, he did not.

The Interrobang added another level to the rumor. Apparently, Cook was asked not show up on the night of a fundraiser, did anyway, and was allowed to stay — but told to be respectful. He didn’t comply and allegedly had a temper tantrum and taunted the manager.

Whatever happened, he was swiftly banned — for life. And if the response on Twitter is an accurate assessment, no one seems to mind.

Not much else is known about the rumored incident. Cook has been a regular there for years, using its stage to test out new material — evidently at length. In 2007, he performed for almost four hours, a record quickly busted by Dave Chappelle. By 2008, he performed for seven straight hours, claiming the record again.

Apparently, these marathon sets haven’t always been pleasant for the audience, or so claimed fellow comedian T.J. Miller after a “vicious, misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant,” not to mention rambling, show in 2012, Medialite added.

So perhaps being banned is all for the best, based on what T.J. said at the time.

At a 2012 set, he emerged out of the blue and allegedly bumped other comedians off the stage to test new material. According to Miller, Cook joked “about not paying for an abortion… finding some whore to f– to take out his anger at his ex-girlfriend… how girls would do anything for him ‘because I’m me.'”

According to Miller, the way Dane talked “about women is disgusting and pathetic, but really just hurtful.”

And he has been called out for his insults to the female gender before. In 2009, he publicly criticized Vanessa Hudgens at the Teen Choice Awards for some leaked nude photos, telling her (to a chorus of boos) that “girl, you got to keep your clothes on! Phones are for phone calls, girls!”

In 2014, Cook slighted My Best Friend’s Girl co-star Kate Hudson for having onion breath during an on-screen kiss. In the same interview, he went on to insult Jessica Simpson next for a comment she made during the filming of Employee of the Month.

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