New Far Cry 3 Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay

Ubisoft released a new trailer for Far Cry 3 earlier today, one that introduces us to Dr. Earnhardt and his assortment of hallucinogenic berries–which, apparently, somehow factors into the gameplay.

A good bit of the segment with Dr. Earnhardt was shown off already in the recent “leaked” Far Cry 3 video, but there’s more than enough new footage sprinkled throughout–you’ve got guns, explosions, drug hallucinations, more explosions, and more drugs. Oh, and no dubstep this time.

It’s not exactly a focus of the trailer, but in the latest Far Cry 3 video we can see some of the indigenous wildlife on the island, from aquatic wildlife to land-dwelling creatures. We also get to see a brief glimpse of a hang glider being used by the protagonist, which should be good news to fans of Far Cry 2.

Lastly, the video also drops a few details on what sort of pre-order bonuses you’ll be able to get with Far Cry 3: two exclusive missions, ‘Forgotten Experiment’ and ‘Ignition in the Deep’; and an exclusive weapon, the Type 10 Japanese WWII Flare Gun. Which, you know, shoots flares.

Far Cry 3 is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 4. Here’s to hoping that Ubisoft bucks their delay-the-PC-release-for-no-reason trend!

You can check out the latest Far Cry 3 gameplay trailer for yourself directly below.