‘Beauty And The Beast’ Season 3: New Spoilers And Change In Premiere Date Revealed

Fans waiting for the return of Beauty and the Beast to The CW now have another month to wait. The CW announced on Friday that it was delaying the Season 3 premiere date by three weeks, according to TV Line. The series was originally set to return on May 21, but now fans will the return of Catherine and Vincent to the small screen on June 11.

There was no reason given for this delay. In a surprising move, the return date for Canadian viewers is still the same. Season 3 is set to premiere in Canada on May 17, according to Spoilers Guide. With the delay just being put in place by The CW on Friday afternoon, it is possible that fans in Canada will receive a similar delay in the days ahead.

If not, this could force U.S. viewers to find ways to watch the episodes via the Internet before they even air on The CW. Some lucky fans in the U.S. will have the opportunity to see the Season 3 premiere next weekend. Spoiler TV revealed that the premiere episode will be screened at Wizard World Philadelphia on May 9.

TV Line did share a new short teaser for Beauty and the Beast Season 3 with its announcement of the delay.

“Beast’s third go-round will find Cat and Vincent focusing on their relationship, until it is tested by new threats, including a conspiracy that will force Vincent to — gulp — turn to the beast inside him.”

The first preview released for the Season 3 premiere teased Cat and Vincent trying to live a normal life. Vincent will even move in, and he will consider popping the big question. However, a previous Inquisitr report revealed that Vincent and Catherine would face new challenges this season that will definitely threaten that normalcy.

The new season of Beauty and the Beast may also see the death of a major character. Some spoilers have teased that Tess may be the one that dies before the end of the season. The action in Season 3 will pick up two months after the end of Season 2.

Beauty and the Beast does have a loyal following of fans on social media, and they are ready for the return of Vincent and Cat’s love story to the small screen. The delay should not worry fans, though. The CW has already renewed the series for a fourth season.

What do you think of the delay for Beauty and the Beast’s Season 3 premiere? Why did The CW delay the return of this fan favorite series?

[Photo: The CW]