Seattle, Washington

Shirtless Man Rescued After Being Stuck In Capitol Hill Basketball Hoop [Video]

A rather bizarre incident was caught on video on Friday of a shirtless man stuck in a basketball hoop at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

According to KOMO News, both police and firefighters were called to the scene at around 6:30 p.m. after the shirtless man somehow became entangled in the basketball hoop and was unable to get down.

Finally, the police and firefighters had to use a ladder to rescue the shirtless man as he hung upside down by his feet from the hoop.

The man was apparently wielding a hammer at the time that he somehow climbed into the basketball hoop and became entangled, as one foot got stuck in the mesh.

As can be seen from the video taken from a helicopter above the incident, almost a dozen police officers were gathered at the scene as the man thrashed around, trying to get out of the basketball hoop.

Somewhere along the line, he tried to switch himself around so that instead of dangling by his feet, his head would be back inside the basketball hoop. Instead, he ended up hanging upside down and as the police officers attempted to get hold of him and rescue him, he resisted, not allowing them to remove him from the hoop.

According to LiveLeak, it was then that the officers fetched a ladder from the fire truck in an attempt to get the man down. The man then tried his best to kick the ladder away from the basketball hoop, but the officers finally managed to grab him by both his arms and one leg.

Two Seattle firefighters then climbed up onto the ladder, cut the net of the hoop and freed the man.

It is unknown what the man was actually trying to achieve by his stunt, and the police are apparently still deciding whether to cite him for destruction of property, “or at least goal-tending.”

According to one commenter on the YouTube video, this is nothing really new. Jon “Jondeaux79” Deaux commented, “Sad thing is I know who this guy is. This is by far the funniest thing I ever seen him do.”

The Seattle police, according to their Twitter feed and as reported on the Inquisitr, then got back to attending to protesters who were “throwing rocks and traffic cones at Broadway and Denny.”

[Image: Screengrab from KOMO News YouTube video]