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Taylor Swift: Blogger Deciphers ‘Blank Space’ Lyrics As Punk Band Covers Hit Song

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift’s hit song “Blank Space” has become a big part of pop culture. Her lyrics, “I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name,” has been seen on thousands of Facebook statuses and Instagram posts. There are also those who are confused by Taylor Swift’s lyrics and have been finding its hidden meaning.

Blogger Zoe Johnson of The Flat News doesn’t think that Swift is literally saving a “Blank Space” for her next boyfriend. She believes the lyrics actually refer to the thousand of unemployed college graduates of 2015, like herself.

“Some have suggested that this ‘blank space’ Swift refers to is more of a figurative concept because she cannot physically write the name of a future sugar daddy on her heart. That’s a fair assessment, but I would venture to say that Swift is, as always, speaking to her generation and referring to the literal blank space on the schedule of millions of unemployed college graduates. For graduates of the College of William and Mary, that blank space is May 18, 2015 (and the rest of our lives?), and it is coming in roughly two weeks. Employers, if you’re out there, look no further than the unemployed graduates of the College’s class of 2015. We’ve got a blank space, baby, and we’ll write your name, do your laundry, get your car, whatever you want, okay?”

The blogger says that Swifties and college grads should consider the song as their own personal “blank space.” Now that most are done with school, they can fill the space with their ideal job position.


A successful punk band isn’t confused by Taylor’s “Blank Space” lyrics. In fact they covered the song, which quickly went viral. According to the Lansing State Journal, it received over 9 million views on YouTube. It also became the catalyst for their first single. The band spoke to the news site about the successful over their cover of “Blank Space.”

“When we released the Taylor Swift cover, we were thinking maybe we’d get 10,000 or 20,000 views, and it would help us get our name out there. If you had told me that we’d be at 9 million views now, I would have called you crazy.”

They band also explained why they wanted cover Swift’s hit song, which has also been growing in popularity on YouTube. The “Blank Space” music video has already reached over 800,000 million views on YouTube. It’s quickly becoming one of the most watched music videos on the video sharing site.

“We knew we wanted to launch with a cover. We had the whole EP recorded, but covers are something that can get your name out there really quickly. We spent months looking for songs, and we heard ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift, but didn’t really think that would translate well for rock. We heard “Blank Space” before we even knew it was going to be her next single. We thought this will be the song that will get huge off her album, and we got lucky, and it happened. It came together in a week and a half, and it took off.”

I Prevail is set to release their full-length album later this year. As for Taylor Swift, will she become a matchmaker? The Inquisitr previously reported could be helping her best friend, Ed Sheeran, a new girlfriend. Swift wants to become Sheeran’s “wing-man” so she can help him meet girls. She could just refer to her long list of famous girl friends to help her friend out.

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