Mike Tyson Was Unimpressed With Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Mike Tyson certainly knows boxing, and over the weekend he shared his opinion on the highly-touted Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in Vegas, saying he was “underwhelmed.”

Tyson took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the fight, which was hugely anticipated for a long time. After first predicting that Pacquiao would take the win, Tyson went on to say that Mayweather is in “invincible mode,” which is why he’s so hard to beat.

“It’s him, who he is. It’s his era. It’s his time. When a man’s time has come, nothing can stop him. He’s in invincible mode now. He’s nonpareil. There’s no one who can stand with him at this particular moment,” Tyson said.

Mike stayed on social media throughout the fight, giving a running commentary on what he thought was going right — and wrong — with both athletes. Despite a strong start on Pacquiao’s part, it was later revealed that he had a shoulder injury prior to the fight, and Tyson wrote on Twitter that part of the problem for him was a lack of jabs.

Tyson said in April that Mayweather was “delusional” for comparing himself to Muhammed Ali, but didn’t elaborate on whether his opinion on the man lined up with his opinion on the fighter.

“He’s very delusional. If he was anywhere near the realm of greatness of Ali, he’d be able to take his kids to school by himself. … He’s a little scared man; he’s a very small, scared man.”

Mike Tyson recently made headlines when he gave his opinion on UFC champ Ronda Rousey, who has been theoretically put up against several male fighters since she burst onto the MMA scene and proceeded to become undefeated. The fierce fighter is well-known for destroying her opponents in record time, and Tyson acknowledged that he might not even have a chance to win if put up against her after a reporter asked him who would come out the victor in a fight between her and Floyd Mayweather.

“S**t, Ronda Rousey might kick my a**. That 14 seconds the last fight — s**t, man, you got to take that seriously,” Tyson said of Rousey’s defeat over Cat Zingano.