Britney walking boot

Britney Walking Boot: Forced To Cancel Shows, Britney Spears Dons Walking Boot After Twisting Ankle

Britney Spears is in a walking boot after falling on stage during her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. According to the New York Daily News, Britney showed off her new accessory on social media just a day after she fell, twisting her ankle. Despite letting all of her concerned fans know that she was “okay” after she slipped, Brit was forced to cancel two shows this weekend, and she has been advised to wear the walking boot for an unknown amount of time.

Britney Spears’ walking boot is alarming to many fans who can’t help but think back to her tour-ending injury in 2004. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Britney hurt her knee while filming a music video, and she needed surgery. Sidelined for several weeks, Britney couldn’t keep the Onyx Hotel Tour going. Thousands of fans were heartbroken at the time, but many were okay knowing that Spears was going to be okay.

Thankfully, her most recent injury seems far less serious.

Seeing Britney in a walking boot has people wondering if she actually hurt herself more than she let on, but so far she hasn’t canceled any additional shows. She is scheduled to perform at Planet Hollywood’s AXIS Theater on Wednesday, May 6. She has shows three nights a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) throughout most of the summer. To end her residency (which is earning her about $15 million per year, according to Billboard) would be devastating to her and to her fans.

Britney is also scheduled to appear at the Billboard Music Awards with Iggy Azalea on May 17. The two singers will be performing their new single, “Pretty Girls,” which will be available for purchase tomorrow (Monday, May 4). The track is highly anticipated and is already being set up to be the “song of the summer.”

As far as a new album goes, Britney has been working on new music, but her manager, Larry Rudolph, insists that she will just be releasing a couple of singles here and there. According to Contact Music, Britney admitted that she didn’t have too much time to record, but that she’d be pulling something together slowly but surely. Rudolph said that it just isn’t a “priority” right now.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]