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California Earthquake Awakens View Park-Windsor Hills Residents On Sunday [Video]

There is reason that the word earthquake is currently listed as a trending topic on Twitter as of Sunday morning, May 3. The USGS is reporting an earthquake of a 3.9 magnitude on the Richter Scale hitting 1km WNW of View Park-Windsor Hills, California on Sunday, at 11:07:18 UTC — or 4:07 a.m. local time — going only 9.9 km deep, which is approximately 6.1 miles deep.

Normally, that low of a magnitude isn’t enough of a shock to even cause earthquake-savvy Californians to get out of bed, however, folks on Twitter are reporting that they felt the shaker, especially those closer to the epicenter, as expected.

The Los Angeles area earthquake’s epicenter was about a mile from Baldwin Hills, and it’s the second earthquake to jolt Los Angeles in one month, reports USA Today – ‎with no reported injuries. This latest earthquake is being called significant because it measures more than 3.0 magnitude — and because this earthquake was shallow, it was more widely felt — enough to wake up residents. This small quake only lasted a short time, approximately two seconds.

Buildings shook and folks were awakened by this latest quake, especially since it hit during a time when most folks were in bed, still and silent — and because of its shallow depth, this earthquake was noticeable.

As reported by the Inquisitr, a small earthquake also recently shook southwestern Michigan, with the 4.2-magnitude earthquake shaking a region that isn’t used to feeling the ground shake.

Buzz about the Los Angeles quake being centered near a fracking center has erupted.

Not only are social media users chatting about the latest California earthquake, but they are also spreading the miraculous news of a 105-year-old man who was rescued alive from the Nepal earthquake rubble after 8 days.

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