Ultrasound Ghost Viral: Man Claims To See Father’s Ghost In Daughter’s Ultrasound [Photo]

An ultrasound photo is always remarkable to see because parents have the opportunity look upon their bundle of joy for the first time. Although most ultrasound images aren’t very clear, parents are usually able to make out the baby’s image. However, one couple saw much more than that in their daughter’s ultrasound. Now, their shocking discovery has gone viral.

According to the Daily Mail, 30-year-old Mark Wright and his girlfriend, Kimberley, viewed an image of their daughter’s ultrasound when she was 22-weeks-old. But, apparently, the baby wasn’t all they saw in the ultrasound photo. A chilling image of Mark’s deceased father was also quite visible. It has been reported that Mark’s father died of a heart attack in 1992, but it appears his image has resurfaced.

On the left side of the ultrasound photo, the man’s face, nose and mustache are quite noticeable. Although Mark has stated that he’s never believed in ghosts or paranormal activity, the astounding ultrasound has changed his perspective and left him in a state of shock.

During a recent interview with Daily Mail, Wright shared details about the shocking photo and his reaction to what he saw. Surprisingly, he admitted that neither he or his girlfriend noticed the chilling image until one of her friends pointed it out.

“I was only very young when my dad died which was hard to adjust to but I was absolutely shocked when I saw the image of face in Amiyah’s scan,” Wright explained. “Kimberley had been showing her friend an old baby scan picture of Amiyah when her friend pointed out the face. She ran straight upstairs to get a picture of my dad and when she showed me the two photos together I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never believed in anything supernatural before, but seeing my dad’s face so clearly is just uncanny.”

After pointing out the shocking find to other friends and family, many reportedly agreed they also saw the image. Can you see it? If so, what do you think about the strange concurrences? Share your thoughts.

[Image via The Daily Mail]