Watch Matt LeBlanc Sing Some Of Our Favorite ‘Friends’ Musical ‘Joey’ Moments [Video]

While Courteney Cox dashed the hopes of Friends lovers everywhere by stating a reunion show was never going to come to fruition, Matt LeBlanc decided to throw the fans a nostalgic bone while visiting the set of The Graham Norton Show recently.

LeBlanc was with fellow guests Rebel Wilson and Kit Harrington when he was asked about his onscreen alter ego Joey Tribbiani’s musical moments. Matt recalled Joey’s first song-filled number as little diddy from a fictional musical called “Freud” and then LeBlanc shakily broke out a few bars.

Norton then asked LeBlanc about the infamous “Joey’s hand twin” song. As Matt began to sing it, he burst out in laughter feeling as though he needed to explain the Friends scenario context to Wilson and Harrington before he was able to finish. Friends super fans were most likely humming along with LeBlanc to the tune of “This Land is Your Land.”

Check out Matt LeBlanc’s impromptu vocal session here:

LeBlanc did a pretty good job with the “hand twin song” when compared to the original:

LeBlanc went on to chat with Norton about the problem with being a pop culture icon who stays perpetually young in reruns. Matt, now a 47-year-old with significantly grey hair, explained that quite often, younger fans of Friends are asking him why his hair has turned grey or even worse, if he’s Joey’s dad.

Matt LeBlanc first got his start in one of Heinz Ketchup’s most memorable commercials before bouncing around on a couple of unsuccessful television series as the lead. In 1994 on Friends, in a show that would star five other lead actors besides LeBlanc, he finally found overwhelming success. Matt’s beloved Joey Tribbiani character even prompted a spin-off show when Friends ended entitled Joey, though LeBlanc’s solo vehicle only lasted two seasons.

More recently, LeBlanc has been starring in the Showtime original series Episodes. LeBlanc’s role is that of none other than Matt LeBlanc. Yes that’s right he plays himself, or at least a characterization of himself, and the role earned him his first Golden Globe win back in 2012.

While many actors would fear that their careers have become stagnant when the majority of their acting has centered around one specific character or a characterization of their own persona, Matt LeBlanc has embraced his roles wholeheartedly. And though Friends fans may never get that reunion they’ve been hoping for, LeBlanc clearly understands that his role as Joey Tribbiani was something special.

“I’ll always be known for Friends—so will Matthew, David, Courteney—it’s OK with me. I only speak for myself, but I’m very proud of it. I wouldn’t do anything differently.”

Now, if only we could get Matt to re-enact Joey’s bumbling Broadway dance audition with jazz hands.

[Image courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]