Michael Walsh senteced to 23 years in prison

Rapist Michael Walsh, Who Kept Victim In Trash Can For 20 Years, Hit Her Head With Hammer, Forced Her To Dig Own Grave, Is Jailed For 23 Years

After two decades of raping and abusing a woman — who was referred to as “dog” — Michael Walsh, 48, was convicted of a slew of charges and sentenced to 23 years in prison, according to Mirror.

The former amateur boxer of Manchester abducted a woman — whose name has not been released to the public — and hid her inside of a trash can.

For 20 years, Walsh would repeatedly rape his victim, as well as torture her by shooting her with an air gun, cutting her with razor blades, throwing bottles in her face, and suffocating her.

During one horrifying incident — while in front of his friends — he bashed her head in with a hammer and made her sit outside in the rain.

Each time the woman was injured by Walsh, she was unable to seek medical attention.

Prior to that, Walsh was involved in a bike accident where he injured his ankle. Wanting the unidentified woman to feel the same pain, he took a knife and stabbed her in the ankle so the two would have matching injuries.

The woman later tried to escape, but Walsh caught her and made her dig her own grave as punishment.

Walsh beat his victim one final time before she was able to escape and report him to the police, which led to his arrest.

A detective from Manchester, Carol Hobson, stated: “Despite the years of torment she suffered, both sexual and physical and even to the extent of being imprisoned in a wheelie bin, she showed incredible bravery by speaking out.”

“It is thanks to her courage, and her refusal to suffer in silence, that Walsh is now where he belongs – behind bars.

That the Judge sentenced him to more than two decades in prison reflects the horrific nature of Walsh’s abuse and the emotional and physical suffering he inflicted upon his victim.

I can only hope that today, seeing him jailed for such a long time, gives the brave victim the justice she deserves.”

“Greater Manchester Police is absolutely determined to tackle abuse in all its forms and we will support anyone who wishes to speak to us about abuse they have suffered. Bullies like Walsh need to be exposed for who they are so they cannot hurt anyone else,” added Hobson.

“I hope today’s result shows any victims who might be in a similar situation that if they do come to us, we can offer them not only support and welfare but we will do everything in our power to ensure their attackers are brought to court and imprisoned for a very long time.”

“I’m entirely satisfied that you present a significant risk of serious harm to women,” Judge Hilary Manley stated about Walsh — who she referred to as “manipulative, sadistic and controlling” — during his sentencing at Manchester Crown Court.

The woman tortured for 20 years finally gets justice when Walsh was convicted of 10 counts of assault, five counts of rape, and one count of false imprisonment.

The judge sentenced Walsh to 23 years behind prison bars.

[Image courtesy of Kristina D.C Hoeppner/Flickr]