Stoner to-do list

Stoner’s ‘To-Do’ List Lights Up Twitter Following Australian Police Tweet

Most of us would think twice about what we would include on a daily “to-do” list if we knew that list was going to be posted on Twitter.

And for those that like to dabble in marijuana (also known as weed, ganja, hippy lettuce, and “stick” according to the stoner featured in this story) having their to-do list tweeted out to thousands, especially by police, must be a real mind-blower.

But that’s what happened this week in Murdoch, Australia, when one stoner’s mind was possibly blown when the Murdoch P.D tweeted out the stoner’s hilarious to-do list, the unidentified stoner carefully laying out their Saturday plans on their to-do list like only a bonafide stoner could, reports, the Huffington Post.

Police apparently found the stoner’s to-do list while serving a search warrant, and were obviously so entertained by it that they wanted to share.

Adding a dash of sarcasm by asking “Are (your) Saturdays hectic like this?” the Murdoch P.D. social media team obviously found the stoner’s ordered list of things that needed to be done delightful, while also recognizing that only a stoner, or one with a compromised mind and/or memory, would ever require such a list.

But in this case, evidence left behind indicates that this was definitely a stoner’s to-do list.

The Murdoch Police Stoner’s to-do list tweet was an instant hit with Murdoch Police fans who couldn’t hold back their own observations.

But while some Murdoch Police Twitter followers enjoyed this stoner’s to-do list, others apparently didn’t see any humor in the tweet whatsoever. Despite this, depending on one’s sense of humor, those that found the posting of the stoner’s to-do list somehow offensive were possibly more entertaining than those that liked the Murdoch police post.

In the end, however, regardless one’s feelings on whether or not the Murdoch Police should have posted the stoner’s to-do list, it does provide an interesting peak into how the day of at least one stoner was scheduled to unfold and how that stoner planned to celebrate the successful execution of their Saturday to-do list.

[Image via Twitter]