Riot Rumors Surface Via Twitter After Detroit Protesters Receive Arrest Threats

Riot Rumors Surface Via Twitter After Peaceful Detroit Protesters Receive Arrest Threats

If you haven’t heard, Detroit protesters are now demonstrating. An ICE agent shot a presumably-unarmed man 10 times inside his house, as his family witnessed. Now, talks of riots are starting to surface.

If you’re a part of Twitter, you can type “Terrence Kellum” — or the several variations of his name’s spellings — in the search bar and see an array of protest postings from yesterday’s events. They are still going on and are even beginning to escalate.

Via Twitter, many young protesters — much like the rioters in Baltimore — have brought up the topic of rioting in Detroit. As violent as Detroit is known to be, all its own, a riot is the last thing the city needs. However, it’s a real possibility, depending on if the Detroit protesters get justice for Terrence Kellum.

As aforementioned, Kellum was shot 10 times. His family says that he was unarmed. However, authorities say that Terrence charged at them with a hammer. Whether unarmed or armed with a hammer, the consensus states that there was no reason to shoot him 10 times, right in front of his family.

Yesterday, Detroit protester videos were uploaded via social media, and you could hear in unison, “F*** the police!” And today, there are tweets coming in about riot rumors. People are pleading with Detroit’s youth to not start a riot. Will they listen?

As you can see from the following tweets from Detroit’s youthful protesters, they’re giving a lot of “what if”s, almost as if they can feel it coming, wanted or not.

What are your thoughts? Will it happen? Or will Detroit stay the peaceful course? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: Twitter]