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Watch As Man Finds Perfect Puppy Work Out Partner In Teeny The Dog

As everyone knows, its sometimes hard to keep up your work out regime on your own. This guy has found the perfect answer, as his adorable puppy becomes his talented, extremely cute, and fun work out partner.

The video was uploaded to the Dogaroo Group on Facebook, got shared further, and has since gone completely viral, mainly because it is just so darn cute.

According to the Mirror Online the dog owner is a German man, and his fun- and exercise-loving young pooch is named Teeny. However, other media outlets are saying that the trainer is Eric Ko from Hong Kong.

In the video above, we can thoroughly enjoy watching the man with his work out partner, doing press ups together with loving kisses in between.

Watch Teeny the dog and his owner, Eric, making their moves in perfect synchronization. They bend to the floor and push themselves up together in harmony. In between each press up little Teeny touches Eric’s hands with his paws, then the owner and his work out partner dog both share a kiss before going back down again to repeat the whole exercise.

It was originally shared with the Dogaroo Group on Facebook on April 25, but has since also been shared by tough guy and exercise expert, Tyler McPeak, who has now received over 22 million views to the fun clip.

Searching on Twitter reveals that other people’s dogs also enjoy being a work out partner, so while cute, the whole performance is really nothing new.

While other dogs are lazier and just take full advantage of the situation.

Then there are those superior types too.

In another case of the perfect dog loving individual, the Inquisitr recently posted an article about a grandmother, who had recently lost a pet, receiving a brand new puppy pal as a gift. Needless to say she is absolutely ecstatic to receive such a wonderful gift and the video of the touching moment has gone totally viral.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]