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Bruce Jenner Hot Dog ‘Not In Good Taste’ According To Customers Of The Senate [Video]

The Senate Restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, is known for poking fun at celebrities with their daily hot dogs, but according to some of their customers, the ‘Bruce Jenner 2.0’ hot dog may have gone too far. Chris Seelbach, the first openly gay Cincinnati councilman, agreed, according to WCPO Cincinnati.

“As much as I love the Senate team, the description of their ‘Bruce Jenner’ hot dog of the day made me cringe a little. I understand that Senate’s daily hot dogs are supposed to poke fun at celebrities, but given that Bruce Jenner is possibly coming out as transgender tonight, and knowing how difficult that is, as seen with the suicide of Leelah Alcorn, I’m not sure I would have done with that description.”

Seelbach was referring to an incident where Alcorn, a Cincinnati transgender teen, committed suicide. The story drew national attention in December, 2014.

The Bruce Jenner 2.0 was described as “part hot dog, part taco, and Pure Awesomeness.” The Jenner is a hot dog split in half cover with cheese and tomatoes. It is wrapped in a soft taco shell and sauce is added. This was meant to be a reference to the ABC interview that Jenner did with Diane Sawyer. Bruce Jenner in the interview makes the statement, “I am a woman.”

Initially, the Facebook followers of the Senate didn’t see the harm in the Bruce Jenner. However, it was not long before some in the transgender community of Cincinnati started commenting on what they believed to be a poor choice for “Hot Dog of the Day.” A transgender female and local advocate Lindsey Deaton was especially vocal.

“Eww. Dear Senate: This is transphobic and bigoted. Remove this item from your menu immediately and apologize to the transgender community. Now. Not good taste at all. Pardon the pun.”

The stir caused the Senate to temporarily take down their Facebook page. They responded to Deaton’s remarks publicly once they reopened the Facebook page on Monday.

“We aren’t bigots or transphobes, we never have been and never will be. We meant absolutely no malice. We are good people who made a bad decision in creating and describing our Bruce Jenner Dog of the Day.”

Dan Wright, the owner of the Senate, later announced that all of the proceeds of the Bruce Jenner would go to a local charity.

What do you think of the Bruce Jenner? Was this something all in good fun that was blown out of proportion, or was it something that was completely uncalled for?