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Ellen Degeneres Wants You To See ‘Bully,’ Pushes For PG-13 Rating

The Weinstein Company will soon be releasing a new documentary called “Bully.” The movie, which focuses on the problem of bullying in schools, is rated R. But Ellen Degeneres is hoping to change that.

Ellen said on her show that a movie like “Bully” needs to be rated PG-13 so that it can be shown in schools. Ellen said:

“Last month I got to see a new documentary that’s coming out called ‘Bully… It’s an important movie for everyone to see — especially kids. The problem is, they’ve given the movie an R rating.”

Ellen admits that the movie does contain some bad language and does include some violence, but the talkshow host says that the events in “Bully” are the same events that kids are going through in school. Ellen said:

“There is some language in the movie. It’s mature but it’s not gratuitous because it’s part of the real story of bullying and it’s real language that bullies are using — but having an R rating makes it difficult for anyone under 17 to see it… I can tell you that the lessons that the kids learn from this movie are more important than any words that they might hear — and they’re words that they know already anyway.”

She said that “You can’t show R rated movies in schools — and that’s exactly where the movie needs to be shown. So I think it’s important for the movie to be rated PG-13.”

The Wrap reports that an online petition has been started on Change.org in an attempt to get the movie “Bully” a PG-13 rating. Ellen encouraged her viewers to go and sign the petition.

Here’s a video of Ellen discussing the new documentary on her show.

Here’s the preview for “Bully.”

Do you think “Bully” should be rated PG-13?