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4chan founder Moot topping Time 100 poll


Could the founder and owner of 4chan be named as 2009’s most influential person in the annual Time 100 list?

Christopher Poole, who goes by the name of Moot is included as one of 203 nominees, and at the time of writing tops the voting list with 275,000 votes for an average score of 75 out of 100. In second place is TV host Jon Stewart with 158,900 votes for a score of 71 from 100.

Other nominees include CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe, Barrack Obama and the cast of The View. Ron Paul maintains his strong support base, currently sitting in 3rd position.

You can vote for Moot here.

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7 Responses to “4chan founder Moot topping Time 100 poll”

  1. anon9000

    Time took over 750,000 votes away from moot, putting unimportant media figures at the top of the list. All of us are more influential that one of you. We don't take this lightly Time/CNN.

    Anonymous does not forget.
    Anonymous does not forgive.
    Failure by Anonymous is not tolerated, all campaigns must end in success.

  2. Mudkip90000

    I call shennanigans. Moot was over a million yesterday. Shennanigans

  3. Mark Gormley

    His name isn't really Christopher Poole. It's a veiled reference to something insidious. Lurk moar.

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