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Charlie Sheen Shoots Fiat Ad, Monetizes ‘Bad Boy’ Image [Video]

Charlie Sheen has played up his ‘bad boy’ image in a new ad for Fiat.

After his entertaining antics in 2011, and his even more entertaining refusal to show the expected contrition for his drug use, Sheen’s reputation as a rebel has attracted Fiat, which is aiming to peg the new Fiat 500 Abarth as the bad boy of … small hatchback cars.

The actor, who was fired from hit sitcom Two and a Half Men last year, is seen in the advert speeding around an opulent mansion as a party full of beautiful women takes place.

The partygoers seem oddly unbothered by a car tearing through the home, and even cheer on this show of white knuckle driving, which we’re pretty sure would break many health and safety regulations.

When the car finally skids to a halt and a mulleted Sheen steps out (complete with location-monitoring bracelet on his ankle), he’s met by a gorgeous party guest. “I love being under house arrest,” he tit-wittedly remarks, lasciviously adding to his new friend, “What do I get for good behavior?”

The ad ends with the slogan, “Not all bad boys are created equal.” Head of Fiat’s branding Olivier Francois thinks Sheen is the perfect fit for the car, saying in a statement:

“Charlie Sheen personifies the edgy and fun attributes of the Fiat 500 Abarth.”

If you say so, Olivier. The ad in full is embedded below. Anyone now desperately want a Fiat 500 Abarth? Anyone never want to buy a Fiat again?