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Lady Gaga Becomes First Person With 20 Million Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga, the self proclaimed queen of Twitter, has just set another Twitter record. The Mother Monster became the first person to tally more than 20 million followers over the weekend.

Gaga became the queen of Twitter in August 2010 when she surpassed Britney Spears and she’s been at the top of the Twitterverse ever since then.

Web Pro News reports that Lady Gaga was the first person to hit 10 million followers last year and hit 18 million Twitter followers near the end of January. When Lady Gaga passed the 18 million mark, the Twitter analytics company TwitterCounter predicted that Gaga would hit 20 million followers in about 400 days. It take the Mother Monster 300 days to hit the mark.

Lady Gaga is now gaining approximately 42,000 new followers every day.

Lady Gaga is also about 2 million Twitter followers ahead of Justin Bieber, who has the second most followers on the social networking site. Katy Perry has the third most Twitter followers.

Several celebrities have employees operate their Twitter account but Lady Gaga insists that she does all of her own tweeting. Gaga hasn’t tweeted about her recent Twitter accomplishment. When she surpassed the 19 million mark she wrote:

“19 Million Followers!!! HOLY HOOKER!!! *goes back to work*”

Lady Gaga’s numbers are even more impressive on Facebook where she has close to 50 million fans.

Britney Spears, who was one the queen of Twitter, now rules over a different social sphere. Spears is in more than 2 million Google Plus circles compared to Gaga who is in about 850,000 circles.

Are you surprised that Lady Gaga has 20 million followers on Twitter?